great! now I am not so happy … and decision time: Iran, Jordan, Tibet

Josh Sanburn recently wrote :
A landmark 2010 Princeton University study showed that money really can buy happiness — up to a very specific point. The researchers (including Nobelist Daniel Kahneman) found that up to about $75,000, annual income closely correlates with emotional well-being. Beyond that threshold, however, more income doesn’t translate into more happiness. On average, an American earning $575,000 isn’t likely to be any happier than one making $75,000.
Well, forget $75,000. A new poll by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion suggests that as little as $50,000 brings genuine happiness. According to the survey, those below $50K weren’t as personally satisfied with their lives as those above that mark in areas such as one’s housing situation, personal relationships and overall direction in life.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Truth be told that what’s truly annoying about this is the new findings have made me not so happy.
Not because I was at $75 grand or am at $50 grand or anything like that.
{ha ha … like hell I’m going to disclose the actual amount!}
My Happiness presentations have been prepared base on the earlier $75,000 research that held true for sooooo many years. And now this.
The accompanying handouts and games were designed and printed based on the earlier $75,000 research that held true for sooooo many years. And now this.
I have to redo everything.
Well, almost everything in a state of not-so-keen to do a piece on Happiness now.
Then again, when is it ever a state of very-keen to do a piece on Happiness for me?
Likewise, I have one on ‘Training and Engagement’ or something along that line that needs to be done.
I’ve got to submit the slides etc to the organiser in the next few days.
I haven’t done squat!
Worse still I have been (over) ‘sold’ as someone who uses creative cutting edge multimedia in delivering points across … 
oh gawd! 
Just when I thought I could do the no props, generally no experience in public speaking TED Talk type preparation.
Speaking on TED Talks, how on earth do people keep it to 15 minutes?
Do they practice, cut, edit, practice, cut, edit over and over again?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Whokay, anyways, I’ll worry about those two later.
Now I have to decide if it’s gonna be:
  1. Iran, 
  2. Jordan (perhaps Lebanon included), or 
  3. Kathmandu-Lhasa (with a train ride on Qinghai Tibetan Railway to Shanghai – the world’s highest railway track)

I’m truly torn between choice 2. and 3.
Choice 2 has Petra which is on my bucket list {read first (and full) version HERE and the updated version of some of the bucket list with narratives HERE}.
And choice 2 would mean traveling with my Yogie Bear whom I have not met in years now.
As for 3., well I’m terribly excited by the prospects of the train ride.
47 hours 47 minutes in total.
It’s a mystery who my 3 other cabin mates are going to be.
In a way I’m hoping its some professional Chinese, Mongolian, Russian or someone from some -“tan” countries whom I will not have much ability to communicate with; thereby leaving me almost all 47 hours and 47 minutes of solitude and contemplation.
I am praying it ain’t some loud mouth middle aged Texan like Americans.
If it is, I’ll just pretend I can’t speak English though chances are I’ll be reading English books! that are highly visible to them.

And since if I’m going to be in the middle of no where on one of the highest plateau on earth, I have to irritate khor khor Keat with a photo of me making it to at least the base camp of Mt. Everest and to some remote monasteries dotted around Tibet … oh boy, freezing arse time!
oh boy, freezing arse time! and this photo is really making me re-think option 3.
After Mount Ararat and the 8-minutes pee break {yup, it takes 8 minutes to take off all the layer of clothing, position, aim while balancing and straining thigh muscles, and re-layer. The trick lies in undressing minimally to ensure that butt is not exposed to freeze burns and no extreme temperature shocks rendering the system incapable of passing any motion – whokay! over sharing … I’ll stop now}.

I’ll have to revert to Yogie Bear what’s it gonna be in a few minutes.
Petra or this train thing-y – for those of you who knows me personally, you’d know I have a train fetish.

9 thoughts on “great! now I am not so happy … and decision time: Iran, Jordan, Tibet

  1. yeah yeah … the biggest hurdle is the Qinghai Tibetan Train lah … somewhat like the India Rail challenge but worse cause there's a black market selling the tix at a prermium and you can't buy it online.

  2. You just have to pray there's whiny crying toddler and I guarantee you they will be slurping their instant noodles away and spilling food on the floor every where.:)So, my life will be miserable – you don't have to pray very hard on that one.

  3. lol. damn aksyen hor u. pray that those no manners chinese take yr berth away and refuse to give it to u and u end up arguing with them along the corridor for hours………lol.

  4. Juz so to disappoint you khor khor, Soft sleeper = 4 per cabin sleeping berth with mattress and "solid" door with latch.Hard sleeper = 6 per cabin sleeping berth with mattress and curtain "door". Then there's those seats – how the heck do people sit for nearly 50 hours? is beyond me.I did get hard sleeper {laugh your evil laugh} coz the Chinese Govt scaled down the Soft Sleeper to accommodate more Hard Sleeper and Seats.

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