sometimes the Heavenly Gods take extreme measures …

… to put a point across to me.

Obviously two nearly back-to-back home robberies that cleared out my dri cabinet twice {and safe once} last year did not deter me much with those heavy bulky warzone dSLR and heavy prime lens. Let’s just say I am not much into experimentation plus I am a Chinese Southeast Asian living too close to a kiasu country who somehow fears that I will miss a photo op with gears I am not well acquainted with.
Nonetheless feeling bad for Leica M8 {this is the real truth}, I pscyhe myself up that I will need to learn to use it in the Balkans and brought it along with the rest of the black bulky dSLR guys.
Sure, I took a few amazing tomb stones and grave yard shots in Bosnia.
Anything that is firmly rooted, and void of an earthquake, will not even move a nano inch, I get great photos from the M8. Other than that, I just get admiring glances at airport terminals and the occassional ‘great camera!’, ‘Leica is the best, man’ statements from business looking travellers.

So, as you can summarised, it’s a good as a pin hole camera that weighs a tonne primarily because it’s made of gold and adorned with diamonds in my hands. It confers no other value.
I parted with it with a lot of guilt for Africa.
Three things really.
The borrowed telephoto lens just about took up the entire room I had in the bag, weighed more than my arm and I didn’t want to be a victim of a broken skull due to a snatched camera in Jo’burg’s notorious neighbourhood. Sometimes my imaginations are comically entertaining.
Hence, poor M8 didn’t have the priviledge of witnessing the angry hippo under my barge that snorted, farted and made a chase for the barge. Frankly, if mr. hippo was a tat slimmer I am sure the floats on the barge would have missed his arse. In any case, M8 would have failed miserably in that situation; even at 12 shots per second the dSLR could handle, I got 2 or 3 decently clear shots – the problem with autofocus not locking in fast enough! Perhaps the only shots M8 would have succeeded in meeting its abilities are those of the vultures sitting regally on the tree tops waiting for the cats to be done with the chase and meal, or that of my various accommodations and huts.
And so, it has been decided for me.
The Heavenly Gods decided for me that is.
Well, seriously, they didn’t need to take the extreme measure … or maybe they did.
Given that my spine begs to be relieved of the excess body weight, as it stands, it’s a miracle as to how I’m going to cope with my back pack. I am foolishly convincing myself that if I got a newer one with better technological advancements on the frame and those designed specifically for petite women {which I am not}, it will be ok. But who am I kidding? It’s still gonna be a the minimum 8 kilos.

So rather than another 8 – 12 kilos of camera equipment, I may have to just relent to taking {again borrowed} Fuji x100 …

of course the paranoia of:

What if it doesn’t work in the cold? What if I can’t tame the quirks? haunts me … I shall test it in a few days and of course go through hours of indecisiveness when it comes to packing the Domke.
It takes me 3 times longer to pack the Domke than my entire backpack that contains everything I need other than cameras. Go figure!

{back to work – see, I DO work!}


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