Leadership quote I keep close to my heart …

Measure of a Leader, Mark of a Man
 When is a leader at his best? Can a leader constantly be “in-the-zone”? Is this “in-the-zone” feeling and level & ease of achievements sustainable? How best to make it so? If Leadership at its best is to consistently deliver on results & impact, to strategically & smoothly influence others, and to build sustainable engaged enterprises and communities with high performance & well-being, then how can this “rested edge” and that “in-the-zone” feeling and ability to deliver constantly at one’s best be authentically sustained and exponentially enhanced? This is an area which continues to interest me (Peter Ong) and occupies much of my time, energies, emotions and attention.
Peter Ong, Rested Edge


Like Peter, whom I’m fortunate to have known and shared amongst others, some profound thoughts and discussion on topics on Leadership at the workplace as well as GREAT Managers, the concept of: “Measure of a Leader, Mark of a Man” had been playing at the back of my mind.
As I continue with my paid-corporate employment, wearing down the time left for me to serve my notice period, I look back at my career and recount the blessings I have had in knowing and serving some of the very best examples of Leaders who have thought me a thing or two and more importantly slapped me silly to grow up faster.

I’m reproducing some of valuable gold nuggets that ranges from the positive to the downright say-it-as-it-is and be practical about it quotes that I have received from people whom I’d been fortunate enough to work in my past lives to share with you:

“What Separates the Men from the Boys”
“Focus: Top 3 Things {only}
“Dream. Engage. Collaborate”
“Hire People Smarter Than You” <- this is my ex- ARBM boss! so hint! hint!
“Mince {what} words? Say it as it is! {if you truly care}
“If a consensus is achieve quickly and with little dispute, don’t make the decision”
“Don’t ‘fight’ naysayers, two face, tale tellers” 
And as I make recollection of my current situation and those around me, one and only one interesting advise strikes me as worth keeping which was handed down to me by a consultant I briefly collaborated with who was given this same advise by his ex- Brazilian boss in relation to surviving an environment where you {in this case me} are a cultural and intellectual misfit :

“if they give you lemon, make lemonade”


Oh bummer, this reminds me, I have a 6-pack lemonade to drink-up, abandon or remove from my cupboard… but first here’s a rather comical related, yet unrelated comic strip. 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


by designer and illustrator Kevin Cornell


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 



3 thoughts on “Leadership quote I keep close to my heart …

  1. what's wrong being GenY?each generation is different and special. embrace that. i do.and a thought for you:every 2 generations before yours will always view you as the "alien" and label you as "problematic".i bet you the 2 generations before the baby boomers had interesting views on them too… i grew up hearing that my generation (X) was difficult, argumentative … blah3.i now here Gen X saying the same (plus a few more adjectives) about Gen Y.all very comical if you ask me.we are just different, and herein lies the gems if we dig hard enough and bother to polish.:)

  2. tx for intro. to the other penelope (trunk) – spent hours reading her blog :)but then it only saddens me – that so many hr in mly comps, are there to only deduct pbcs ><sigh, the curse of being gen y!

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