I’m nearly there …

This will be suppa short.

It should be a tweet, if tweet allowed a little bit more room to squish in my alpha to be dramatic and emotional.
The great leap forward is:
My brain went: ‘gosh. what’s his name again? starts with ‘A’, no? geez. what’s his freaking name???’
And who is he? Well, he is the HE.
…..the HE I’ve been going on for a few weeks … ok, months now.
…..the HE whom we’ve established isn’t so into me … and cancelled on 2 dates! after he had achieved the two goals of #1 Money, and #2 Connections.
…..the HE whom everyone who knows me well enough and loves me will label as ‘bastard’ but not me – yet.

I mean who cancels on Penelope?!?!?????

geez It’s simply detrimental. 
My ex- will in a half joking manner say: “try breaking up!” 
{which doesn’t seem like we have, frankly and weirdly – this I will figure out when the necessity arises. This I suppose will happen the day his wife finally stumbles on my blog and she’d probably think I’m such a loser who continues to write about her husband. Like I said, it’s all a little weird … but like all things in my life, I’ll figure it out sooner or later. I’ll get there.}
Anyways, just so you know, 2 hours ago I’ve been elevated from the janoo status to rani … 
{yes, my guy friends are hilarious!}
And this is a guy who tells me: “no offense rani, I’m in the business of {blip blip blip} now”
My response was like: “hell! What’s wrong with you? I’ll marry you if you’re Larry Flynt”
And that’s how deep loyalty runs with us … but naturally it has to be reciprocal.

But the point of course is:

today, this, this new “discovery” is a great big leap forward
I can’t even recall his name to look for any tweet updates he may have made on his professional front.
I’ve not checked his website and blog for a few weeks now.
Soon enough I’ll be able to mentally drag him into my trash bin … and there will be a day when he either sms-es or calls and I’ll be going in a very squeamish sincere way of: “errr… who exactly again?”

Things have a way of biting back at you.
In this case him.
And oh, his name doesn’t even start with an ‘A’ … it’s a far way down the alphabet line-up from ‘A’.

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