21 maids in 9 years …

It’s 2:55 am and I’m thinking:
  • I should re-do and re-organise my blogS {arrgghhhHHHH …programming and configuration needed. I can do it. But I don’t do it effectively and more importantly efficiently enough. A non-strength.}
  • I should so be sleeping, or try to
  • I should wake Maid #21 in 9 years up now
OK. Let me explain.
I’m not justifying why I’ve had 21 maids in 9 years.
I am not proud about it although I jest that I am waiting for the day I gain notoriety and same publicity status; albeit briefly, by being at par with Jackie Chan who has been banned from having any maids.
Sure, I had my fair share of heartaches and headaches.
Sure, there had been moments I wanted to slap some of them.
Sure, there had been moments I regretted not laying my hands on some of them, especially when good money is spent on hiring unemployed and impoverish human rights lawyers to defend myself for purportedly abusing my maid, and good time and patience dealing with inconsiderate obstinate embassy officials who if given a chance to place beside a mule or a buffalo in the field, he or she will out lived them both twice over!
Thank God for the extensive CCTV coverage in my home.
The very same one that captured my entire home robbery twice and yet the police is incapable of making progress in the investigation {this I have another theory which I will share in a couple of years time}.
The CCTV however when it comes to demolishing maid claims is a true testament of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. 
But more importantly it saves me the trouble of repeating my innocence, which by the third time around I am too tired and fed-up to care if they stick me behind bars. 
However, when history repeats itself, and I do occasionally learn from experience, I have off late acquired the ability to maintain a steadfast composure and hard headedness on my refusal to pay any ‘compensation’ to the supposedly aggrieved and allegedly abused party.  My stance is based purely on the preposterous  reason handed out by the embassy:
“You {the employer} are RICH. She {the maid} is POOR. So you {the employer} must pity and help her by giving her some money.”
Yeah right!
And this is on top of the salary paid, freight and whatever not expenses they incurred along the way.
The asking rate for this compensation by the way is between USD 2,000 to USD 2,500!
Easy money isn’t it? 
Just ‘run’, deliberately get caught. Demand to go to the embassy and lodge a report of physical abuse, sexual abuse and whatever abuse there is that exists purely in the maid’s mind.
And where are the employment agencies in all of these?
No where to be seen.
I’ve concluded that:
It’s really a racket in the end of the day… with the maids being the pawn.

The maid is really a vehicle towards everyone else’s financial gain and sadly being ‘milked’ by everyone she thinks she trust in the process except the employer whom has housed, clothed and fed her.
So why do I want to wake Maid #21?
She’s having a bad dream and making really weird and loud noises.
She may just wake the entire house up.
This also happens to be Maid #20 that ran away 2 weeks ago, only to be handed to the authorities by the security officers patrolling my abode, who tried the ‘I am abused physically and not fed’ trick … only to plea with the employment agency 1 week later that she wants to return to my home.
And why do I accept a runaway maid back?
Putting aside the scarcity of supply, she really isn’t a bad person.
Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} mind you ran the day after all payments were made to the employment agency … 
Coincidental? Maybe. 
Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} tells us that she has to ‘park’ 50% of her belongings at the agency…
hmmm … what for?
So was Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} coerced to run away? Maybe.
Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} tells us that we are her 3rd employer, having spent 2 weeks and 3 weeks in the earlier two houses. With her last employer, she had pleaded to be sent home. She has her reasons. It has been extremely consistent. There is no mention of the first employer.
Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} cried and exclaimed with joy when we showed up at the employment agency to pick her up. She had to be forcibly removed from hugging my mother.
What’s happening?
We haven’t got a clue and was focused on getting her back with the least hassle from the employment agency that have thrice changed their version of the ‘story’, and loosely written contract with us.
Why did she run away?
We do not know the real story … but over the weeks it will surely unfold.
Today, as I write this Maid #20 {aka Maid #21} had requested to go to the police station she was ‘detained’ and lodge another report to supersede the earlier one that claimed  ‘I am abused physically and not fed’.
Why? I am perplex.
Maybe, it’s the goodness in her.
Maybe, she has come to her senses.
Point is: I have had it with all of them … I take one day at a time and hope for the best.
We are after all human beings with baggages thrown by circumstances and trying our best to make the best of the situation.
What I do know is: over the weeks her story will unfold … some are fictions of an overactive mind and a longing heart for home. Some are true.
Many a times I do feel for them.
Many a times these are ‘victims’ of ‘human trafficking’.
Like their counterparts in Thailand, many young women are “sold” by their parents who were lured by the prospect of making American dollars abroad with the promise that they will be well taken care of and given the option to exercise their return trip should they want to. Point is they were told in their homeland that they have a choice and hold on strongly to this promise offered by brokers in their homeland.
Upon reaching our soils, they are handed by our local employment agencies that often threat them as ‘commodities’ with no avenue to return until their permits are expired. 
The impossible ones bundled up for day-wage-type work with a vast majority ending up in estates of small holders. The work is tough.  
But it’s not the worst scenario you could end up with … which is the flesh business.
The lucky ones received refuge from other earlier settlers and build a new life here never to return to see their family again. This is becoming rarer as the government crack-down on settlers have tightened and local employment agencies keep a short leash on their ever precious ‘commodities’.
I’ve gone through all – pregnant maids, psychologically insane ones,  pretty ones who ran off with their ‘madam’ {beauty of CCTV in the garage and along the street} only to receive calls from their husbands and parents enquiring if they are ok years later. I use to shed a tear for them. I have in the earlier days driven to seedy neighbourhood hoping to spot them for afar.
But we can’t help everyone.
Much the same as child beggars the world over.
Sometimes we just have to accept that each of us have had our fated chartered out by the Heavenly Gods years ago. This is theirs. And in a way it is mine too; being entwined with theirs.
But, 21 maids is still a large number in 9 years!, you say.
Yes, I agreed.
Maybe I feel too much for them. 
I am not trying to paint a saintly picture of myself.
The fact is I’ve had a good half of them that stayed no more than 2 weeks; some 2 days.
Crying and wanting to return to their homeland. 
Protesting and not wanting to work.
Trust me, I am no saint. The anger, frustration and curses that ensues is not a pretty sight.
But what can I do? There’s no point keeping someone who’s mind and heart is not here.
To put it plainly my decision is based selfishly on: I don’t need additional problems.
I have a young child at home; the last thing I need is the bad influence.
I can’t be holding them hostage and face injustice and jail time.
And so, yes, maids are a nightmare to have.
A heartache and a headache.
An expensive business at >12K per ‘pop’.
I wished I didn’t have them.
I wished I didn’t need them.
For those who stayed the full term and those that renewed – I am eternally grateful … and interestingly these are the ones that I recall their names and have photos of them with the family.
So there you go … that’s my story in a nutshell.
But no one seems to care. 
since we are supposedly “rich”, we surely have to be “cruel” as well
… thanks to the slanted history of ‘slavery’. 
Let’s not forget who ‘sold’ the slaves and who profited from the sale. 
Like all basic economics, a trade cannot take place without supply and demand. And someone always controls the market place.
But no one seems to care.
since we are supposedly “rich”, we surely have to be “cruel” as well
My take?
Let’s not forget that at approx. RM 12,800 per maid, with every mediated ‘runaway’ at the rate of once a month, in the course of the maid’s 2 years working permit, the ‘market place’ makes a revenue of RM 288,000 per maid.
I am convinced I am in the wrong profession. 
I’ve got my life all wrong.
Going to school and listening to my parents “study and be good, you will have a good job” is definitely sounding very hollow in my ears.

4 thoughts on “21 maids in 9 years …

  1. arrrggghhhHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!Every single guy friend of mind remembers that maid and the washing machine incident. Nothing else.As for missy foxy Rose Hancok wannabe, yeah – she was. Unfortunate for her, Becks came along and could talk. Becks have been revealing bits and pieces of her being abuse as well as Bryant by miss "Rose Hancock" wannabe. Really sad.

  2. How come you didn't elaborate on the "baptism" of your washing machine by your maid and her lover? I still want to know if it was on a spin dry cycle …The Cambodian one who stayed with you for 4 years very "oi lee ching" lar… better gone than renewed. And the psycho one was really scary.

  3. I have been having similar issues over the last 2 years. There's a lot of human trafficking and I won't be too quick to dismiss the involvement of the maids. They are not that innocent and timid. They probably get a cut and think about it – they know when to 'run' and do reappear at the agency. I've seen my maids names on the board for "recycling".All the best – I've gone with household gadgets and part time maids.Siew Ching

  4. That's seriously a lot of money and maids.Have you considered the part-timers?I have given up two years back. The quality of maids have deteriorated so badly with the Indons just taking a free ticket into the country to run away. The Pinnos thinks they are some hot shot nanny who refuses to do anything and the Cambodians are just lazy, dirty and aggressive.Agents are telling them they can return if they don't like it and employers will still pay for everything.Ella

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