still stuck in the comics phase

yup … that’s exactly where I am:
………………………………….. in a comics phase
From trying out comics LOs and mini albums for scrapbooking projects to being totally tempted to buy this powerpoint template {below} of which I have no clue what I’m going to use it for or more appropriately when will I ever use it.
The Avengers didn’t help yank me out of my comics phase.
I quite like Hulk – incredibly so …
But if Hulk had an entire movie on his own that would have been a total bore. So sharing it with the rest gave him just about the right amount of silver screen time to shine.
It’s always a tough one when Robert Downey Jr is involved.
I mean, seriously … Robert Downey Jr.!
I can’t think straight no more. Coupled with his annoying smart Alec wit, he got me the moment words spills off his tongue.
By the way, I’m also dying to get this really old copy of Marvel from eBay.
nuh huh … my occasional kiasu-ness does not permit to tell you which one via means of a link. Though I am rather convince the eventual winning bidder will be either a Japanese or Korean, not an American or someone who hails for Europe, or me for that matter. That much of dole to part with during times of recession is just too painful… and 
really Penelope, why do you need a vintage copy of Marvel which you probably can’t even leaf through without the risk of the bone dry paper crumbling???

Because I am still stuck in the comics phase.
I am a self professed geek*got an issue with that?
geez. though.
Honestly, I do get teary occasionally … from missing my geeky friends from the Bank a lot.
Though, like they said, I’m sure I’ll be making more geeky friends soon judging by the kiasu-ness and inward competitiveness of everyone who played Jenga in TGIF last Friday… we were so close, yet so far from reaching the 33rd “floor”. Just one wooden piece short or our target, the whole structure came tumbling down.
Oh well, never in my life was Jenga so stressful and yet entertaining.
From the service crew to the rest of the clienteles, we provided mesmerizing entertainment from level 25 onwards. Some tried to start a wagger … but mostly the players where flighting clammy palms and controlling the need to calm nerves with free flow of alcohol!
Some of us wished we were presenting some gawd-awful ziggy lines on X- and Y- axis to Boards of Directors rather than sliding pieces of wooden blocks in our tipsy state.
whokay … me needs to go check out the eBay bids.
Some times its just nice to watch.
Forlorn too… at times.
* If you are marginally interested to know, Rubiks average time is currently 3 mins 06 seconds.
On a good ‘hand’ / ‘spin’ we are looking at 2 mins 42 seconds.
I am  done. Retired.
Goal of  3 mins reached … well unless I can get my hands on a professional / competitive Rubiks that glides and slides like butter.


7 thoughts on “still stuck in the comics phase

  1. @kc – here's the instructions are youtube videos too.But folks are you like 20+ years too late?I never bothered and still don't.Ben

  2. 29 since you have well developed motor skills? Reading? Or when you took your first breath of polluted air?Geez… You are sOoooo young!There's a formula to solve the rubiks; its algoritm in the end of the day. Hence, can be taught and trained. Let me know if you are keen; will email you.

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