it’s truly not solely my fault …

Val sends me an email with a header:
me an email with a header reasons to go to UK now

I screwed my face – out of habit mostly –  and thought: since when do we need a reason? 
We used to ‘jump’ at every opportunity that presents itself and during our younger low level low paying job days, I was notorious of 2-3 weeks unpaid leave.
“aunties” at work couldn’t phantom why I’d forgo salary and go on at least 2-3 UK trips a year.
I couldn’t understand why the ‘maths’ was so difficult for them to grasps?
…………………………………………………………………………i.e. what exactly am I forgoing?
A RM1,600 – 1,800 of unpaid wages vis-a-vis a flight ticket that costs at least 2.3 times more {back then on MAS} and a 3 week trip for two that includes car rental {Val has a penchant for driving in every country she visits, and if she can’t self drive, she hates the country … e.g. China}, decent accommodation, shopping, decent meals with a splurge or two with a Michelin chef …
Speaking of which, I am dreaming real duck confit with truffle scrambled eggs on the side … ok, I am hungry!
But I will have to say something about duck confit.
It’s seriously one of the most disgustingly fattening and unhealthy thing you can put through your system. And frankly if I am a duck, dead or otherwise, I wouldn’t be amuse if I were cooked in my own fat … and it’ said the fattier the better!
I am honestly beginning to think that ducks in general must have had some bad karma against the human race some millenias back.
Think about these:
stuff the bloody gurgling goose in protest into a tight box and gag it with food repeatedly … then take the liver
peking duck
skinned … then given a cloak made of flour accompanied by a stinking green morsel
Or to be named Moulard, Muscovy and Magret

…………………………………………………………….… as you can tell I know and love my ducks.

But my original point is I don’t really know what a real duck confit is suppose to taste.
I should have had my first duck confit  in France and not some Michelin outlet overlooking the River Thames. Needless to say every other duck confit consumed didn’t match up… though truthfully I can’t quite recall how it teased my pallate back when I had my first virgin duck confit experience. My brain just recalls: “It was great” with no supporting evidence.

This is very much the same case with Italian food.
My first ‘real’ non-Americanised chain foodstore Italian was in Lygon Street, Melbourne, Australia.
Ever since then, I can’t find Italian as nice.
Not even across Italy … Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Pisa, Sienna, Bologna, Florence, and even the smaller towns dotted around them which I have no recollection of. But I do know each province has a different and distinct taste. It was the tomato, I was told.

However, my original original point had nothing to do with food… rather economy.
Yes, it’s probably one of the best-est time to visit Europe now.
The economic being slightly less than pink in health is truly to our advantage.
Having said that, I’ve shelved my lofty plans of:

a 6-country/ city trip starting in Berlin and ending in Venice,
a 5-country/ city trip starting in Vienna and ending in Budapest
I’m presently working on some “sensitive” zone countries and awaiting confirmation of invitation letters, “visa” – apparently you need papers to enter, but it can be “papers” when you depart; i.e. no traces on your passport.

I don’t need future travel complications.
But let me be better to the Heavenly Gods as I sure as hell can’t afford anything amiss – insurance won’t apply, medic evac don’t exist, heck, even a Malaysian Embassy representation is many miles across the borders.

Exciting days ahead …
Though now is the best-est time to visit London (for me personally)
With all the Olympic frenzy … ok, economical is not the first word that comes to mind and it will be anything but economical on the pockets … but the entire London will be sooooo British.

If there’s a reason to visit London now for me, it will be the exhibits of great British creations at the V&A Museum. It will be the exhibits of Olympic posters across the decades which was launched by Tracey Emin. There’s the BT Music River… and, and of course ooohhhh ahhhhh …

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the National Theatre




7 thoughts on “it’s truly not solely my fault …

  1. hmmm… you intrigue me Anon.Mathematician?Game Theorist?Mark Haddon fan?or simply a Monty Hall viewer?BTW, Mark Haddon got it wrong – just so you know but really if he didn't it's counter intuitive – no?

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