It’s a tough choice

Cubiks . Newsweek . TIME .

Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman.
Odessa research.
There’s just too little ‘me’ time.
Catch up time is tough.
I can’t imagine if there were more than just me to please, at the moment.
That would be tough.
Solution – for now:
7 minutes 40 seconds Cubiks practice – not like I’m training for the Cubiks competition. 
But it can get quite addictive.
I don’t suppose I want my brain scanned.
It’ll probably mirror that of a nicotine dependent person.
Besides, it’s far from cool to have a diagnosis that spells out: Cubiks addiction.
And I wonder why I have insomnia.
The brain sees orange, yellow, cobalt, red, green, spinning and the fingers in a semi-sleep like state still moves.
This is replaced with flight patterns, paths, time and cost.
Various permutations of the best.
Interestingly I was informed that the cheapest KUL-LON return option with accommodation thrown in for good measure is now Air Lanka. I don’t know for sure. I don’t fancy flying Air Lanka.
It’s the typhoon season in Hong Kong. 
I remember being swept across the university lawn almost the same time last year.
I remember seeing smallish Chinese workmen working at robotic fashion and incredible speed and determination putting up perspex along the pedestrian paths that links the buildings. Not an easy feat.
I remember dancing in the rain only to walk into Grand Hyatt with my drenched Tod’s that refuses to dry throughout my 3-days stay, cheapening the otherwise over the top ostentatious bath of black granite and gold fixtures.
I remember the surprised look on the concierge face when I ordered a car to Happy Valley – aahhhh… good memories.
I somehow am strangely missing the typhoon!
My eyelids weighs a tonne.
My brain wills me to read McGregor & Boorman … I’ve a long fascination for bikes. Big bikes. Big bikes on long trips.
I smile as I fall asleep recalling the one thing I have in common with Boorman; him drying his rain soaked riding boot with a hotel lamp bulb in Italy … me doing the same in Grand Hyatt Wanchai – very classy of us both – ;p

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