you are fore-warned!

I am starting a series of {seriously boring} posts on ‘all the things you need (and thought) you need to know about blogging’ soon.

It’s seriously boring if you have zilt interest.
This is not one of those manifestos writers and “writers” write about.

You know, the bloggers who are actually career advisers, life coaches, public speakers, authors etc. who believes in the giving away things free and “free”.

You know, those things that are being churned by thousands a day with some subtle intentions and some not so subtle, while others blatantly frank about their motives.

I know this coz I read (some) … and frankly, (some) are seriously very good.
Most are verbiage my cat is capable of producing judging by his agility with door handles – but of course, I have no cat. But that’s really not the point, is it?

This is my attempt to lessen the inbox email I receive.

I would be lying if I say or lead you to believe I have tones of interested people writing to me. 

Heck, I don’t even have tones of followers or people reading my blogs… not counting the 2 revenue generating blogs that is. 

Now, that’s a different story all together, which for those that are interested in the upcoming blog posts on ‘all the things you need (and thought) you need to know about blogging’ will be given a tip or two about revenue generation via blogging. OK! I’ll be a tat more generous than a tip or two.
I do get the occasional “I hate you, you {blip blip blip} psycho Penelope” emails and comments. Emails mostly. That’s the problem with Malaysians. They are too polite to tell you off in public. They chose the “contact you” option, which renders my inbox a rather depressing place. At least with the comments – even if it’s predictably “anonymous” – I get to publish it for other people’s interest/ amusement! 

So, seriously, this message is for all the culprits out there with good intentions on my part: you live once, so for {whoever’s} sake, make it count!

[MENTAL NOTE TO SELF: stop using “seriously”]
Anyways, the upcoming potentially bore you to death series on blogging is for those who comes up to me personally and ask a lot of questions about blogging. 
Given that I am in fact painfully shy and a basket case of an introvert, I much prefer zero interaction with anything that answers back in a meaningful way.
And since my blogs are the avenue in which I can express my inner thoughts {this blog, which is a wonderful monologue between me and me} or share the view of the world {the photographs and graphics blog}, I’d rather not have people coming up to me seeking clarifications/ confirmations, drawing parities, and making inferences.
So for those who are genuinely interested in blogging, they will be coming and the archives will be stored as links on the right hand side of this blog’s layout for you to click on and discover away.

P/S: any Al Rajhi-ans reading this, please tell someone in HR to remove my name from the auto-generated sign-off recruitment emails from jobxpress@alrajhi… and other job portals, in addition to the general enquiries email please.

I want my freedom to be unrecognisable when I transact in any Banks reinstated … and yes, it gets a bit embarrassing when I hold up the check-out counter lines explaining:
“yes, I am the one and only Penelope who “wrote” the auto-generated messages, but I no longer am with the Bank and am not able to help them, their brother, sister, cousin, uncle, auntie, grandma, step-dad, step-mom, surrogate parent, pet, you name it get a job” 
and finally 
“no, Al Rajhi does not pay in US dollars {which has depreciated anyways}” 
while trying to pull my credit card out of the cashier’s hands with my godforsaken name on it.

The downside of having an uncommon and memorable name.

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