i must draw the line … decision made!

I am suddenly having an acute longing for Africa.
I know for sure its got nothing to do with the ‘Long Way Down‘ by Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman. With them, it’s my big bike long road trip fascination. 
See, I’ll probably do South and/or East Africa 3 more times in my lifetime if the Heavenly Gods permits.
ONE: Traveling the lengths of Ethiopia with Eritrea thrown in simply coz it’s convenient. 

TWO: Ticking off Serengeti migration bucket list {though it’s Tanzania that is truly beckoning me}, but being close enough I can do Arusha, oh dusty Arusha with Ngorongoro Crater and the Masai Mara en route …
and THREE: finally when I’m all old and wrinkle-y, I’d like to stand buck naked under the open air shower baring it all to the wilderness in the hope of having a wrinkled hide elephant stare back at amazement or disgust!
Look, once in a while I am allowed such crude indirect animal abuse!

But it is really West Africa that I am itching for … yes, the motherland of voodoo.
Yes, West Africa which is rich in cultural diversity and I am totally serious about it being absurdly absorbed in the practice of voodoo-ism, with hundreds of different variations.
Yogie beary bear however is adamant about Iran.
Bragging rights aside, Shiraz and Esfahan is the pull.
But for me, it’s Tehran.
Tehran is Persepolis. Obviously not Persepolis the place, coz that’s miles away, but Marjane Satrapi Persepolis
But I’m not sure.
We’ve postponed it twice now.
I’m still not sure.
Not with Assad leveling out his backyard to show who’s boss.
Not when Kofi Annan had given up at any peace efforts.
Terrorist attrition allied or otherwise for self deserving reason that saw the Assads taking control over Lebanon, I am skeptical and wary of the situation.
Sure, Hezbollah doesn’t stand a chance.
If I were to place bets between Iran and Lebanon, my money would be on Iran … for the moment.
Not having anyone close to the ‘ground’ or on wire 24/7, I may have to just put this off on hold even longer.
I may just have to satisfy my restless ‘need’ {not to mentioned expiring miles points} with a fictional reality of the Bourne franchise by taking supremacy with a passport stamp and postcard of the old cold war nations and the dark seas of Odessa.
Oh well, it’s the festive season. Long holidays. Too many public holidays. Recent cancelled plans. Failed trips of the past. Being sick like a dog twice now.
In short, 2012 hadn’t been good travel wise for me. 
I am entitled to do a little day dreaming.
Objectively, I have travelled to 7 countries {some repeats} this year. 
“That’s a freaking average of 0.875 countries a month Penelope!” shouts my brain.
It’s right. The brain. The damn things always makes sense. I mean, frankly, that’s as good as 1 country per month. I should be contempt.
Yes, I should.
I must draw the line … this is it! Decision made: Iran takes the back burner.


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