phew! a CTO finally…

Palkhova + Chai Tea.
I’m in {my own} heaven.
It doesn’t matter that I’ve had 5 hours of interrupted sleep over the last two days.
Or that by blogging now, I’ll be having another 5 hours sleep tonight/ this morning, if not less given that I’ll have to make my way to a conference at 8:30 am across town on a Monday morning after a long public holiday.

{read: mad, madder, maddest traffic ever!}
{read: stupid way of making some bucks … but hey, a girl gotta work at times – tough}

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“God Penelope! Stop stuffing Palkhova into your mouth!” the brain screams.
The brain is always boring. No introduction needed here.
Plain unimaginative. That’s about all I’ll say for now.

It’s going to take a lot to upset me over the next few days, I suspect.
I finally found a like minded Chief Technology Officer with the same level of drive and anal retentiveness as me.
The team is complete.
The project can finally take off.

After much research and exploration, I think we will self bankroll the project.
6 months is not an issue.
I believe 12 months is do-able. Less holidays. Less impulse buying.

Thereafter, it’s time to start making real projections and have fun with financial modeling.
Then, the dreadful professional begging, presentations, proposals, negotiations takes place.

So, before that happens and while Mr Technology is busy coding, I’ll be deep in strategy on market penetration.

I am nervous.
We all are.
Including Mr Financials.

We could all be wasting our time and effort which frankly clocks up more financial losses in terms of opportunity costs compared to actually funding the project for 12 months.

For each of us, this is not our first technology related venture.
We have all in our own space of interest/ expertise been rightfully successful;
……… first had bought me a property,
………..Mr Financial’s first had paid off his Cornel MBA,
………..Mr Technology’s first had gotten him a bride, wedding and a car.

However, let me tell you this:
………..whoever told you that your subsequent ventures will be easy … is lying.

He or she either never had subsequent ventures, or in the very first place never had a venture, or has ill intentions for you to fail – yes, people like these do exists!

Fact is each is unique and tough.
Success comes with smarts, perseverance and a lot of work and hours channelled correctly for effectiveness. This holds even true-r in the digital or technology space.
It’s my third. This new venture we are trying to wrap our heads around.
And somehow this feels the toughest to date… so, yeah, it is a blatant lie that it get easier …

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And oh, I lied too… sometimes, the GREAT {highly subjective in most cases and hence the open ended adjective} celestial success comes with connection… and only connection.

{read: Instagram}


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