Having a bomb @ KL Foto.BOM

I have dropped out of the photo scene for ages now.
In part, I have lost almost all of my gear.
The other part, my collapsed spine had ensured the end of it.
Most of the part, I lost interest.
But when I received some messages on Facebook on the KL Foto.BOM, I had to make my way there.
Simply because it featured my friends and was pulled together {i.e. curated} by them.
I had no idea what it was… until I arrived and was given a long spill by Vignes Balasingam … which I still didn’t understand as he said it was a spin off from the Guerilla and somehow Photo Malaysia was quoted … 

Then I overheard Mervyn Leong saying that it’s actually Photo Blow-up and how they decided to use the word “bom” {without the “b”} instead … and bingo! it made sense.
Featuring emerging and some successful and seasoned photographers of Foundry Photojournalism Workshop and/ or Angkor Photo Workshop alum, it was a lovely Sunday morning meet up. So thanks Vig and Rahman {Roslan} for dragging me over!
Interestingly this is the first alumni of any kind of I have ever attended.
Not done my school, universities or even business schools and executive schools alumni. 

ABOVE: Rahman Roslan is still busy curating his work … deep in concentration 
BELOW: Some of my personal faves which again is an interesting choice given that my personal preferences for photo documentary work have always been black and white shots.
Mahout’s Family by Binh Dang

 Ain’t Talking, Just Lovin’ by Maika Elan 
exploring the relationship of man and their pets

Ruang Umum dan Undang2 Perhimpunan Awam 2012 by Hanif Maidin
highlights the differing interpretation and “laws” of public spaces and “gathering” in Malaysia 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

View the whole slideshow below:

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