Going livid over Turkish Apple Tea

I’ve not lost my temper for more than two years now.
No pissy fits.
No kicking my toes against some furniture and cursing the world for it.
No sweeping off every content on the table top to the floor.
No tears of frustrations.
I’ve been good.
Even during PMS days … nothing. 
Just considerably irritable easily; but able to keep everything under control and composed.
But today, I threw a mini pissy fit.
I slamed the kitchen cupboard doors – not that it matters as the carpenter had came in twice and is about to remodel the kitchen to instal the relatively new smeg oven that has been sitting on a counter top; awaiting Val to deliver Benji.

It was one of those “just in case” …
It was one of those old pantang thing-y we Asians do a lot of and not question why … or rather question, then shrug our shoulders and accept that there won’t be an acceptable and logical reason will be offered.

I also threw a mug into the sink, willing it to shatter, but it didn’t.
Resolute piece of china!
I finally stirred the entire content, disregarding the fact that it will contaminate the entire canister of raw sugar, which I am currently facing the consequences of my split second foolish need to throw a pissy fit.
And what was this all about?
Turkish Apple Tea Granules!
I had repeatedly said to clear out the pantry.
We have things that had come from Christmas hampers 3 Christmases ago … not counting the upcoming one in a few weeks.
We have things that looks like it was dug out of an abandoned apothecary.
Or even perhaps an enclave that had not been discovered since the Middle Ages.

No. Olive oil kept in such conditions do not age better.
And yes, I’ve tasted 200 years old olive oil that are just yummy …
But like wine, lots of great foodstuff that’s suppose to taste better as they age do become bad vinegar which even Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s dog will avoid. 
And what happened?
Only a third of the pantry’s content was cleared out.
Obviously, only the badly degenerated items were thrown out.

Pantries, meat safe cabinets are like half-way houses.
I gettit.
No. On second thoughts I don’t get people’s attachment to half-way houses.
Those containing excess food procured and left overs that is.

But for some strange reason there was a need to audit my tea cupboard.
Fortnum and Mason special blends were squashed into the same container as Dilmah’s English Breakfast and Chamomile.

Bad enough I think very little of English Breakfast and I abhor Chamomile!
This Tom-the-Stray with Princess Delilah-the-Persian combination continues with the Chinese selection. And my Sri Lankan selection.
Nonetheless, that just got me a tat upset as I reorganised them; separating the different blends and returning them into their respective assigned spots in the cupboard. The latter proof a bit frustrating as I was unable to get the correct configurations to fit the boxes in the most structured and efficient space utilisation way it had always been. Being OCD, this really means a great deal and I was perspiring despite it being a cool night.
What got me livid was to discover that my Turkish Apple Tea granules, which I had enquired about its whereabouts some 12 hours earlier, was being topped into the raw sugar container!!!
Noted they look alike … 
Noted they but who the @#$%^&*()(*&^%$# told you to reorganise my tea cupboard?
The reason given: space optimisation.
What space optimisation when all 5 boxes of Makaibari Tea were left as is; with 2 of the boxes having been opened and partially used! 

I need some tea now…


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