what now? you know… now that it’s my 2nd shot at being 18 again!

Today’s my second shot at getting my ‘being 18 years old’ right.
Today’s the day where I have 365 more days left before my 3rd life-cycle completes.

And I’m thinking … .what now?

Last year, for no apparent reason, I had more than 20 people from my Pakistani descendent side of the ‘family’ celebrating the occasion … with the cat.
Kelly is her name.
I don’t like Kelly, but with reason.
Kelly is a way too nervous cat to be fun.
Kelly has an identity crisis but people thinks it’s cute.
Kelly is a moody cat and gets away being moody … even if she bites … yes, even when she forgets she’s a cat {and not a dog} she’s allowed to bark and bite to an approving crowd of homo sapiens that goes “awwww… she’s like a dog!”
My photographer friend {Vignes} can attest to this. The bark and bite. Not the “awww” – coz Vig and I are far too cool to “awww” at Kelly the Cat “Dog”.
In any case, Kelly had the whole works going for her. Candles. Cake. Song. Party hat …
i … 
I …  on the other hand, had the raw end of the deal; i.e. Kelly’s rear end in my face and her claws on the backside of my hands as I held her down.
Oh well, eventually my C-cube {Chicago Cheese Cake} made an appearance … but not for long.
Not when you have more than a dozen ravenous adult males with a combined IQ of god-zillion scores in the room. Not when they are all alpha males too.
I’d much rather have the other 3-letter “C” parked in the garage. 
Being the second child I’ve always hated the hand-me-downs. 
But when it comes to a CLK, I can make an exception.
They said “it’s fitted with an obnoxious boom-box tough”.
Almost apologetically. 
Those that do not mince their words had spitted out: 
“at times, abang XX slips into his Melayu-ness mode and that’s why it has a really out-of-this-world embarrassing sound system that has enough power to launch the car to space.” 
And the cynic amongst us would offer: 
“If anything, anyone who buys that metal is at the very least getting a good deal with the sound system… definitely not the car” 
That’s the thing with family.
You can’t chose. You just learn to cope.
And the other bizarre thing about family is:
They just get beneath your skin {eventually} and for some reason you love them no matter what.

Since I’ll have to work late on a M&A related thing-y {which I can’t say, and trust me it ain’t all that interesting anyways} on my birthday today, I decided to make my calls earlier. 
Those I had paid my due respect as September drew to the end were: My Jew “Grandfather”, “Grandpopsie” Robsie, and Bibi “Mama” 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

But before that, I had revisited my Bucket List” to take stock of the situation.
Lots have changed by now …  some completed . some updated and refreshed . some additions .

“Just four more long-haul vacation breaks and we’re done here!” rationalises my brain; re-classifying them as follows with some extras…  

ONE | Machu Picchu, Galapagos, Amazon + Cuba | TWO | Trans-Siberia  | THREE | Central Asia 

| FOUR | Outback Australia + Papua New Guinea | FIVE | Antartica / Arctic

It’s the second bit of my “bucket list” that proves to be bit more tricky … though some, I could really not care less for any more… like meeting Salman Rushdie in person, being tutored by Steve McCurry, participating in a LOMO Convention or living in a French Chateau.

And given that some of the pending items like those in Cyrillic will be achieve with the Trans-Siberia trip {or so I think despite not reading a single page of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in English yet! from the book handed down by an Australian lady from Tanzania… who in turn got the book from a British lady living in Kenya… all of which were exchange in two national parks in Africa} … what remains as the most challenging and serious stuff that begs immediate urgent attention appears to be the last one on the list:
be a good mother, wife and compatible companion to a kind, talented and amazing guy

hmmm… should I? should I not make this an aspirational goal?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hence, the loud proclamation below as I made my respectful calorie pilling calls to My Jew “Grandfather”, “Grandpopsie” Robsie, and Bibi “Mama”:
…………………..“by the way my goal at {blip age} years old is to find someone and get married” 

Reaction received was rather disappointing. Nothing dramatic. 
Just them fitting my quintessential brand of quirky-ness into theirs.

My Jewish “Grandfather”
“If you are serious, I could put the word out and we could shortlist some criteria, go through the legalities of the agreement… you know, {squeezing my hand} I’ll always have your best interest taken care off. And since you’re like my own, I’ll waive the fees and throw you a dinner.”

Yes, so says the broker of personal relationships and business partnerships for the mega rich in the world. And I mean folks that owns yachts type rich.

The thing is, I couldn’t imagine having conversations about the best belugas over breakfast in a Peter Pan collared tailored dress with full bodied fruity wines, or conceptualising a grand sly plan 5 years in advance to ensure junior gets admitted to the right schools, while nursing a bad sunburn from the recent Greek Island hopping stint on whose’s ever new liner. 

“Grandpopsie” Robsie

“Let me see which geek developer friends I have … Simon. Ahhh… but he’s married. Though he’s 6′ 3”. Very gorgeous and lovely bloke. Portuguese parentage … {blah3} …

Oh sorry. We’re suppose to focus on the available IT developers who are smart … {pause} … the ‘smart’ rules out half of the population, not counting pipa toad looks yet!”

That aside, I still NEED a super smart IT developer.
Obviously having a CTO employed or a techie partner is not reassurance enough for me.
Short of me going back to school, I think I should “acquire” one with real strings attached – I had reasoned. It’s easier – I had reasoned. Sure beats figuring algorithm amongst hormone racing 20-year-old-something – I had reasoned.

But Bibi “mama” had the guy figured out:
“You should consider {guy’s name} and tell him you need to move to {property development’s name} coz they have a really lovely heated pool which I could use. It will be very convenient. Just 5 minutes by car. 15 if I took a slow stroll.”

With excerpts like that:
………….. I don’t suppose anyone takes me seriously. 
………….. I don’t suppose anyone thinks I was serious.
………….. I don’t suppose anyone regards me as one for commitment.

But sure, I had to listen to at least 15 minutes of their personal experiences with marriages than spans between 25 years to 55 years … and counting.

Point is: I’ve rationalised it as such:
………….. what’s there to lose anyway? 

worst case, with a minute compilation of the “adventure” of my search, I could very well achieve the other pending item in the list: publish and write a travelog or book

The way I look at it, there are no losers in this equation!
The only problem is finding/ allocating some time to execute … the plan/ goal.


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