on dating: no second guessing which of the 99 Shades of Grey

Close to a month since my crazy little goal started.
So, I guess this is kindda a progress report.
But before that, this is the year I had a total of 5 birthday cakes to cut, with one more still outstanding at the Pakistani side of the family. Speaking of which, perhaps the one cake cutting ceremony and the dinner that lead to it, which I had most fun was with my “son – some 10 years younger than me. From the Pakistani side of the family.
Suffice to say it’scomplicated… and no, I’ve not gone through labour pains.
Oh common! He’s just a decade younger than me, and back then, we don’t reach puberty that early … so the GMO levels and the chicken I had consumed at age 10 and below must have been still decently natural.
Anyways, it was @ Bubba Gump. The birthday thing-y.
After some shrimps of all possible concoctions – the one I least like was the one coated with desiccated coconut and deep fried, we bought a bag load of ridiculously silly “collectibles” that contributed to more inhumane work demand in far flung sweatshops in China and Peru … but I refuse to feel guilty with mischief playing in my mind as to how the Pakistani side of the ‘family’ is going to react with our matching tees at the next ‘family’ gathering.


Speaking of ridiculous, nothing tickled my fancy more that Ridiculo.us this year -> check website HERE
I’m not endorsing it or anything like that. 
Heck! I’m convinced the site and “movement” was started some time in August this year – not 1942 as the site claims – and besides being one of the Top 10 most popular business venture {read: sell t-shirts}, I suspect it was launched to kick-start their KickStarter project of “99 Shades of Grey”. 
Now, their “99 Shades of Grey” is something.
Ludicrously Ridiculo.us … 
……………………………….it’s so laughable, it got me literally in stitches and wanting to pledge.
The words got to me.
Not the idea. If you must know, it’s exactly what it says: “ninety-nine shades of grey” printed on 99 pages of paper + 2 additional paper being the book’s cover!
Rolling your eyes?
Well, be careful and cup both your palms beneath your eyes coz it was 1657% eye-balls popping funded! 

Anyways I digress {and we should be getting back to the progress report of my crazy little goal}

Naturally over shrimps, one of the topics that emerged, following his unloading of a broken but healing heart, was my dating progress. With the after effects of cholesterol overdose, outlandish experiences were shared especially one intended date set-up that fell under the “smart techie” category. 
Guy in Question?
A challenging company that threatens to put wikipedia out of business with his superhuman SQL-cum-unlimited storage capacity of anything and everything possible.
A marathon runner who has done almost all the marathon humankind can possibly dream up including the mother of all mother marathons the Marathon des Sables with physiques that Dr. Gray would want to skin off with his scalpel to showcase the perfectly toned human muscles and tendons in the name of scientific exploration.
It was the latter that got me worried.
More so when I had successfully cultivated a unity pack at my abdominal region with a minimum of 3 cups of latte per day – thanks to the convenience of the Jura coffee machine‘s decent coffee at a press of the button.
And with that, I voiced my concern and was given the reassurance that I needn’t worry as he is a: blip blip blip
Yes, they were heavy big words that hung heavily above our heads the moment it was declared openly.
Just when I thought the Shakers were extinct or at least what is left of them would be at least close to a 100th year old; incapable anyways with or without Pfizer’s little blue pill … but here I have, possibly right in front of me, a living specimen!
Had I not been totally thrown off balance by the blunt honesty and a subject too monumental, I would have told Mr. Self Appointed {not-too-successful} Match Maker this: 
“all the better if the smart techies are potentially in the league of the great Amazonian pipas” 

<quote> Mr. Self Appointed {not-too-successful} Match Maker <unquote>

By the way, I’ve crossed path with the person in question.
He’s truly not bad in the looks department. Techie skills tested and surpassed expectations.
Come to think of it, celibacy is not a big deal – nobody’s perfect anyways.

On the bright side: I can continue enjoying my lattes.

On the plus side: I don’t need to second guess which of the 99 Shades of Grey on the Pantone chart he occupies … NONE… or any of the 50 Shades of Grey … NONE.

It’s ‘black’ or ‘white’ world.



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