fake synthetic lawn is tempting

My home is a jungle.
If you could even say it’s a home.
It’s probably one of the few city-suburban home that fit’s the derogatory notion that we Malaysians live on trees.

In my case it’s approximately true.
My house seems to be sprouting out of a mass of green undergrowth.

I don’t like it.
I’d much prefer topiary.
But I hate bonsai – there’s a limit to which I would play God.
Or rather bonsai sit on the scale that tips towards S&M tendencies.

I know, at times my analogy is well, far from appropriate.
But you gettit.

And the thing is people seem to like the jungle in which my house ‘sprouts’ from.
Workmen loves it as they help themselves to the passion fruits that overhangs from the verandah that runs the length of the house.

New neighbours thinks its a free nursery and help themselves to it; although my mother grits her teeth and pretends to be accommodating! There are some things mom doesn’t share – her grandkids, fruits and plants.

The thieves loves it! The foliage makes great cover.

Animals have a wild time too.
I have 5 cats living there. It started with “two socks”, who was soon joined by “garfield” and “tiger”.
Now I have “angel” and “devil”. The former being clinically white and the latter is so black you can’t see anything other than a black mass.

Three squirrels are at each other all the time and it’s rather entertaining seeing them freeze in action when either “tiger” or “devil” struts by – bushy tail erect like a bottle brush!

Toads, assortment of birds sharing the bird baths … that’s originally meant for miniature water plants that have been chocked to death by the over zealous algae fed by the dirt and microorganisms the toad and birds brings to the pool of water. In short, not a pleasant sight and yet the birds chirp in delight and the toad bong for attention in it day and night, taking up residence in turns.

Such is my house and the ‘jungle’ in which it ‘sprouts’ from.
A novelty from otherwise the usual concrete jungle city I live in.

But off late, I’m thinking of getting fake synthetic lawns.
With endless puddles in the not so large patch of grass, the grass has turned into a slimy green patch, perpetually drown and incapable of rejuvenating itself with new grass.

And when the long stretches of sun does finally make its way through the dense clouds, weeds sprouts out faster than mushrooms after the rain!

I am darn tired weeding weeds that I swear grows at a rate that’s faster than lightning speed – ok, that’s really stretching the truth … but with limited spare time and energy … I am at the losing end of the battle.

And so, when the neighbourhood nursery displayed it’s fake synthetic lawn … I was tempted to stick my toes into it. Off came the shoes and I buried my soles into it gently, half expecting to be pricked.

B…bbbut no.
It was soft. It was plush.
It was slightly plastic-ky, but one could just tell the brain it’s damn grass … ahhhh…. yes, heavenly, especially when no maintenance is needed.

But when the Bangla said it was RM 10 per square foot and lasts 10 years … I balked.
Firstly, no way does anything last 10 years these days … more so when it’s exposed to the elements.

A quick math tells me that I could get the landscapers in at least 3 times … so that would last me 6 years. So, yes, though fake synthetic lawn is tempting, maths tells me I’m better off with new lawns biennially… so there, I’m back to my soggy green patch for now.


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