people + patterns do get to you …

People do get to you.
{established} patterns disrupted do get to you.

I never thought it was such a big deal.
Sure, some of the messages were funny and mostly I smiled when I read them.
But I have to say by all accounts, hands down, I am the funnier one in this equation {or relationship}.
But my play of words being acknowledged and understood by another being is a big deal.

Few get my humour.
Far fewer are at the same wave length and follow the train of my thoughts.

Even then I had doubted anything would come out of it. The equation {or relationship}.
See, if I’m going to end up with someone, I have to be able to laugh.
ROFL silliness.
Laughing off diversity and rising above it all together.

But yes, void of the other balancing half of the equation {or relationship} …
or perhaps void of the presence, and void of the pattern … I am beginning to sense a feeling of loss.
Longings are being developed. But I am far too old to be checking the incoming messages every 5 minutes or so.

I do however wonder if it’s reciprocal.
It has to be right?
3 messages received after being apart for 6 days.
2 are errand related. 1 was sharing a thought.
ha ha
Penny for my thought!

Am I reading too much into it?
Should I be reading into it?

Why do women do this?
Over analyse everything – that is.

He’s seriously not funny enough.


2 thoughts on “people + patterns do get to you …

  1. if this is who i think it is … NOOOOOOdefinitely not funnyand frankly i think he has some dark secret to hide … i mean who would date that corpse looking bag of bones that whines all the time and behaves like some rich princess when she came from a new village home in the countryside?you are so much bigger and better sweets!if i were into your gender … heck i don't even need to be. i am funnier and i am into you.huuuugs

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