random mini thoughts …

As I age – make that mature, my tolerance of being pushed around diminishes.
My courage to speak up increases.

I make my point when it’s needed.
I do not hesitate to articulate my dissatisfaction. My irritants. My intolerance.

Then, I move on. I soldier on.

One too many times having raised it, and nothing improves, I make a decision.

Generally when I stop voicing discontent, that’s the time to start worrying.
That’s when I have moved on to another parallel world, building the new blocks there. And in time, I move on. This time literally.

For now, I need sleep badly.
Being a ‘counselor’ smack in the middles of ‘marriages & arguments’ is far from fun.
Coupled by being abandoned and ignored, while the world goes by and everyone who cared to have a backward glance at the lonesome kid staring out at the world moving on from the window does so with … a spiteful or worse still a contented smile.

The kid, I know takes in the scenery.
The kid, never forgets.
In time the kid grows up and is stronger … it’s too late then!

I’ve been there.
One too many times.
I’ve perfected the game through adolescences and early adulthood.



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