the Archimedes in me

Archimedes got it right with his Eureka moment in the bath.
To me at least.
I am able to relate – that’s all I’m saying.
My Eureka moments may be far in importance and standards of enormity compared to Archimedes’, but I suppose I make it up by not running stark naked down the street of my neighbourhood.
What spark my personal light bulb moment was probably before the shower incident though hold behold, my best-est ideas are conceived in the most awkward situation like having shampoo run down my face, or … 
sitting in a car that is precariously balanced on a burst water pipe some 30 feet from the bowel of a ravine I had driven into while resisting the need to wipe off dangling drops of water on my eyelids that are ticklish, or
hanging onto two ropes with tones of ice cold water raining on me while my numb feed search for a rock surface to hit against while I abseil down a waterfall.
In all cases, I am soaked wet to my bones.
I am vulnerable … hence the head’s gone all mushy situation.
But in today’s case it has to be a step before that.
The global release of Will I Am and Britney Spears Scream & Shout music video.

Well, I didn’t know the dude is Will I Am – let’s say I’m just not musically inclined.
However, there was just something about the imagery and play of ideas that triggered my mind and say it’s  a Will I AM thing. You just know it.
Just like a photo by Platon, it’s freaking unmistakable. It’s a trademark.
And just like that. Like a flick of the switch … my personal light bulb glowed and illuminated my head. 
I got a minuscule part of me sorted.
I have something to look forward to and work on in 2013.
I absolutely can’t believe that 2012 had gone by.
I had wasted a year of my career discovering myself at the price of 2 years worth of performance bonus payouts and loads of heartaches; just shitty environments and incompetent ridiculous bosses that had taken so much emotional toil on me and extracted my intellectual capital for their gains.
None of the places had enrich my personal development.
None had built on my knowledge or experience.
I am angry.
I am disappointed.
At self.
So today’s 10-hour idiot box marathon probably did the trick.
It’s the tip of the iceberg, but sure as hell got the (snow) ball rolling.
I just gotta keep the momentum going till I get an avalanche.
Come to think of it, it wasn’t the shower, or Scream & Shout.
It was 10 hours of non-stop TV that got my mind tuned off and relax.
What I need now is a 2-day “me time” locked up in a resort hotel just sleeping … eating very little … mostly sleeping …
And with that the creative juice will flow again,
I will remain true to what defines Penelope

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