on addiction and the {handbag} Bucket List

I’d be the first to admit I need psychological help.
As a kid, I’d buy drawer loads of chocolates… then cupboards.
If it weren’t from some invertebrates making their way out of the cracks of the cupboards, I would never have been found out.

I don’t consume them … fast enough at least.
I can’t tell the difference between Twix, Mars and Snickers.
I can’t tell M&Ms, Skittles , Maltese apart.
I just don’t eat them … much.

By the time I got to junior high, my thing was cheese.
Somehow Camembret, Brie and Blue was the choice, followed by blocks of Cheddars and mounts of Mozzarellas. At some very low point of my junior high, I threw a shopping tote into a river … to which I have no recollection of why.

This was soon replaced with perfumes, then charm bracelets  only to quickly progress to a phase of diamonds, hats and scarves in my early working life. Pretty soon, all that’s girly took a 180 degress turn for cameras and lenses.

Then another U-turn to shoes that extended to handbags.

Best by dates took care of the perishables.
2 thefts cleared the valuables.
Moths I trust will soon have the hats and scarves sorted out.

And that leaves me with the shoes and handbags … both of which are increasingly worrying.

I have a room converted into a walk-in wardrobe for bags.
I bought 4 bags in the last 6 weeks! 3 of which were bought in a span of 38 days of being stuck in a merger and acquisition integration project that sucks out my soul and life.

{I am of course exaggerating … the long ridiculous non-stop hours, days blending into weeks is definitely there with average working 80-90 hour week … but truth be told, I’m not sure I’d be any less insane and lost if I weren’t doing this! So technically, I’m not sure if this is draining my soul and life.}

Nonetheless, it’s clear I am an addict.
I think everyone is one … it’s just a question of what and the intensity.
I’ve long reconciled with the fact that I don’t get cured. I just move on from one addiction to the next.

But I just can’t stop yet.
There are still bags in my Penelope’s Handbag Bucket List that has not been strike-off … but strangely I don’t know why I’m not focus at getting those on the list and moving on.

The saving grace is, I don’t want most of the must haves bags in the world. Even from a categorial point of view, I really only want 3 (item. 1., 2., 5.) … the other 2 categories (item. 3. and 4.) I am contempt with 2-3 designs. What the heck am I saying?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Building Your Bag Wardrobe
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
1. Hobo
2. Structured
3. Clutch
4. Wristlet
5. Structured Tote
6. Shopper
7. Messanger
8. Backpack

So, what’s in my Penelope’s Handbag Bucket List?
With no order of priority and indication of what’s in my current collection here’s the bucket list:

Chanel “2.55 Quilted Classic”
Debut February 1955 – the name of the bag refers to the bag’s birthday! 
Designed by Coco for herself, this envelope shape lamb quilted leather bag has a secret pocket inside the top flap and a cylindrical pocket for your lipstick. This bag appreciates by 20% twice a year!

Louis Vuitton “Stephen Sprouse graffiti”
Debut 2000 – the most popular shape are the Alma and Speedy. It’s the neon colours and shocking pink that got to me … not to mention the launch and campaign that went with it … simply shocking.
Fendi “Baguette”
Debut Autumn 1997, it got it’s name because it tucks under the arm like the baker’s baguette. Created by Silvia Venturini Fendi, each design (that changes every 6 months) have it’s own personality; hence the price it commands. You can never have enough, though, like the Christian Dior Saddle bag, it’s really not your every day bag.

Christian Dior “Saddle”

The heavily beaded ones and limited versions are highly coveted worldwide in particular the Paris 50’s Print version.

Gucci “Jackie O”
Debut early 1970s with Gucci reviving it in 2002 in the hobo shape. Possibly the most common Gucci bag in any Gucci collector’s collection. The bright coloured leatherette trimming ones are the ones to die for!

Prada “Fairy” bag

Debut 2008 at USD 2,290 and sold within days, a good quality used one now fetched > USD 4,000. Hand painted on really soft deer leather, this bag is extremely spacious and holds it shape.

Kenzo “Pagodon” Handbag
41 years old … this bag was incepted in Spring 1998 at Paris. The Kenzo “Pagodon” is actually a cute little bucket bag inspired by elements from South-East Asia and Japan, when Kenzo’s creator Takada was born. 

Tom Ford for YSL “Mombasa”
Debut Spring 2002. Spacious, durable it has Tom Ford’s creative legend handle made from a horn. Can’t believe I’ll be traveling through Mombasa in a few weeks spotting the very same animal who had contributed to the bag’s beauty!

Fendi “Spy” bag

Spacious and lush, it has a compartment with built in mirror for your lipstick! Two minds about the limited iconic velvet squirrel one, until Ugly Betty was spotted with it. Damn!

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