Feliz Navidad?

From time to time I get interesting characters “dropping” by to say hello in my virtual world.
Some are just plain ol’ hello …. with the occasional “I am done stalking you, can we be friends instead?” 
Some requests for favours in the form of donations, re-blogs permission, participation in some social activism or NGO related work.
Some ask if I could help get them a job in Al Rajhi Bank … and for the last time, can someone in the bank please change the contact person from Penelope to god-knows-who or what? I still get this from other staff in banking halls when they look at my personal details and the worst is at the grocers’ check-out counters who swiped my credit card noting my name.
In any case a vast majority of characters I meet in the “virtual” world tries to sell me something or the other … from the little blue pill to an opportunity to bid for a coveted limited edition Leica owned by some unheard of royal family … yeah right! Even if I had that kind of dole, I have more grey matter capacity and discerning ability to tell a scam.
This week’s most interesting message came via my contact form available on my personal website.


{click to enlarge}

I’ll leave it to you to decide which category this falls in.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s a legit photographer and what he says is true … other than the slight inaccuracies relating to my photography-destinations, that’s really a no biggie.
I’m still split between replying and not.
I generally find it rude not to say anything.
But what do I say? Feliz Navidad?


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