Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name

This time around I decided to arm myself with my lappie and the broadband dongle.
Expecting a 2-1/2 hours wait, I thought I could run some errands on my lappie with some connectivity – online/ digital Newsweek magazine registration, work time sheet recording, blog entries for the commercial blog where I actually get paid blogging – and perhaps if I’m inspired (or desperate) some work.
Since the broadband connectivity sucks – it’s based on best effort – I talked them into giving me their wifi password. Interestingly that was easy enough and just as I had completed the errands (with the exception of blogging) and about to sink my teeth into real work, the car salesman which I cannot tolerate for anything beyond 30 seconds swings by to make some introduction with a fellow marque sucker.
Normally I don’t mind talking to fellow Land Rover owners, but today, at just slightly over 9 a.m. and deprived of real ground coffee, I was feeling a bit of a grizzly bear who would rather not be disturbed from it’s stupor.
Not wanting to be rude, I decided to keep to some basic niceties; refusing to remove my handbag and lappie bag from the vacant chair in front of me to make way for this stranger, to pass a strong signal that: “yes, nice to meet you but I’d much rather be left alone and work”
Unfortunately Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name, was not one who took strong hints and was tough to shake off despite repeated mono syllabus replies from me and long side way glances at my lappie.
If that wasn’t annoying enough, Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name had the nerve to remove my handbag and lappie bag from the chair and pass them to me; clearing the chair for him to plant his conveniently skinny arse into it. This act strangely shocked me more than the fact someone large and burly looking had earlier bought a Range Rover Sport with cash.
As luck would have it, my estimated 2-1/2 hours wait prolonged to a painful 4-1/2 hours with Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name going about with his life story that started with his wife’s Freelander 2 steering wheel fault and his “battle” with Land Rover Malaysia for not wanting to rectify the fault free of charge when it was just 3 days after the warranty period ended.
Interestingly, somewhere in between the blame game he alluded that the fault was probably due to his wife’s mishandling and bad driving rather than a manufacturer’ fault. This he admits was probably compounded by his attempt to get it rectified cheaply at a non-Land Rover accredited workshop.
Long story short a few observations concluded from my close to 4-1/2 hours torturous wait with Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name:

  1. Land Rover Malaysia replaced the entire steering wheel shaft FOC (to his delight and hence he’s considering the purchase of a Range Rover Turbocharge)
  2. he owns a Discovery (which he is likely to sell or trade in for the Range Rover Turbocharge)
  3. he and his wife lives in two different state as she helps run her family poultry farm
  4. wife appears to be the bread winner, or at least makes the money
  5. Range Rover Turbocharge is for the patriarch of the family (i.e. father in law)
  6. he will drive his Honda
  7. he’s willing to consider selling the 3 year old Discovery for RM190K if I’m interested, but provided I did 8.
  8. have lunch with him
  9. poultry are slaughtered within 27 to 30 days (yes, it takes only so long for a hatching to mature to an edible bird), but it may not reach your dinner table until 9 to 12 months later as they are deep freeze while poultry farm owners hedge for optimum profitability
Well, aside from the fact that the borderline pervert is at least 2 decades older than me, all of the above is seriously a turn off.
However, none was as disgusting as the timepiece he had on his wrist.
Nope. Not a what-you-would-expect-a-sort-off-poultry-farm-owner would wear: vulgar gold Rolex.
But the dial was so small, you could almost pass it of as a ladies watch… or is it really one? Wifey’s?

6 thoughts on “Mr. I-honestly-did-not-bother-to-ask-for-name

  1. not really lah … after 3 yrs some minor flu5 yrs some parts need to change (even we need maintenance what).9-10 yrs – chiak lak!!!Mine is still good to go for a long time.Am thinking of giving him sporty leather seats with thick threading … red and white? blue and white? orange and white? thinking … didn't say doing!

  2. land/range rovers, damn temperamental one la….as much as i also like the car, i dont think i will ever own one la. after all, i dont think i will change car in the next 5 years. consolidate a little, as u bankers term it.keatdhensem

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