3113 : Potage Parmentier

We bloggers are idiots.
Mostly. Me in particular.

We just have to commemorate the tinniest, stupidest thing like today’s date: 3113

An entry must be logged down even if it’s frivolous, like this one will be. A high suspect.

An entry must be logged down even if time does not permit, like now when I’m in a co-chaired meeting with a client, and every time my colleagues’ gap is moving, my hand is scribbling at the flip side of the note pad. But seriously, who’s to know. The client must think I am a diligent scribe!
Which on most days I am.

Bloggers are idiots in more than one ways.
Like making public confessions such as this that can lead to one losing their jobs.

In any case, today is the day I decided I was going to start shedding the 10% additional body weight I had piled on in 6 months. I’ve always had some weight issues and over the years had been able to “compensate” with height … and in dire moments, 4″ heels! But bad knee, and yes, I spotted some varicose veins lately … aarrrggghhhhHHHHhhhhh … one can’t ‘cheat’ by camouflaging any more! 

The game plan was to cut 4 cappuccino’s a day to 1.
I’ll substitute the craving with real black coffee and if there’s real need an espresso.
The damn convenience of a good grounded real coffee at the press of a button and 25 seconds wait.

The game plan was to cut all carbo.
This is not really Atkins Diet. I just don’t have such discipline.
Like Master Cleanse. Who by the way wished me Happy New Year!
Yes, there’s a heck load of junk emails that swap my gmail account. I have half my mind to shut it down as despite my great filing system, I am at the losing end with more than 1,500 unread emails. I no longer bother to open them, along with a lot of other internet sites and accounts I have … willing the entire account to crash or something. In a way, I am in peculiar instances one who procrastinate and hope the ‘problem’ gets sorted on its own. I’m pretty sure this is a Chinese proverb by one of those old men with is-it-for-real type beard and hair than morphs into one another.

Suddenly I’m thinking of the Potage Parmentier I had this week.
But first, let’s get this out of the way: I don’t fancy anything French.
OK. I lied.
I think I do like French Industrial furniture, but that’s only because Val likes them.
Truth is I don’t really know what I like. Period.

I do know I don’t like FRENCH fries. FRENCH bulldog. FRENCH toast. FRENCH kiss. FRENCH beans. FRENCH braid. FRENCH dressing. FRENCH guiana. FRENCH horn. FRENCH loaf. FRENCH manicure. FRENCH polynesia. FRENCH ulala … 

There’s of course a lot of bias here and overt generalisation.
See, the French I’ve met, if not faggot and no reason to have real interest in, are downright rude. My first friendly French experience were a bunch of youths trying to rid us of our wallets!

French cuisine to my humble palate is overrated and hence over priced … with the exception of my love for duck confitPâté and Foie gras, including Isaac Asimov‘s Pâté de Foie Gras. 
Yes, my long time love: Moulard, Muscovy and Magret which PETA would frown upon
In any case the point is I had Potage Parmentier which I could not tell if it’s god or bad coz before then, the idea of mashed and liquefied potato and leek especially is nauseating, conjuring strange images of a frumpy lady with 1950s bright blue checked apron worn over a full swirl skirt!
I’ve not even cut out my carbo and dairy and I’m losing it! I’m hallucinating Julia Child and leek soup.
{honestly MtAoFC in it’s abbreviated form does look a lot like a swear word}
P/S: Can’t agree more with this article HERE

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