why I’m not hot on my Christmas Gift …

I have always veered on the creative side.
Wanting to be an architect for the longest of time, but unable to secure a scholarship for it, I ended up pursuing a Diploma in Interior Designing while reading for my Commerce degree (double major) in Melbourne University. 
Despite the demands for almost impossible grades to sustain the scholarship, I also embarked on a Certificate in Pottery which far from the truth, too much clay chips nails and makes the hands really dry. 
On and off, there were the Life Drawing and Fine Art short courses taken in St. Kilda with the weirdest people one can come across…  or perhaps people rather easily slip into the “weird” category when you’re young, naive and innocent!
My other favourite past time besides gardening, was to cook and bake … and oh yes, you could say I kindda baked my way through university with tutors and lecturers whom I like often benefiting from cute handmade doggie bags hanging on their door handles containing cookies, cupcakes, muffins and the likes.
At some point in time, I did all of the above commercially … but like my student days, pragmatism deterred me from pursuing them full time. Consequently, balancing real paid-for “career” building work and passion took a toil and decisions were made.
Interestingly, 2012 has been a year where I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen as well.
It’s also a year where I’ve been revisiting wedding blogs and what not … always wanting to be a wedding creative advisor. Not planning – that’s too tedious and boring. And baking cakes.
Val must have read my mind …  of maybe she’s snooping around my web browser “history” … and for Christmas, she gave me the one and only Wilton ULTIMATE Decorating Set with 177 bits in it.
Other than the purple colour, I was ecstatic! – oh well, until she started flipping magazines and baking books open to children and occasion cakes, placing orders as she went along!
I protested saying: 
……………………(a), we don’t like butter cake
……………………(b), we can’t stand fondant, and 
……………………(c), I can’t stand the purple packaging!
oh OH!
The last one was a tactical error.
I had totally forgotten that her own wedding concept and theme was purple, lilac, pale pink and ivory!
I was from the stationer, table setting and room decor designer, menu selector, cake designer (I just didn’t make it), florist, car decorator … right up to photographer for the event.
Recalling those days and how happy we two sisters were – obviously for different reasons – in the weeks leading up to the wedding receptions, I surfed for some purple themed wedding cakes.
I am of course way too lazy to look up and scan her wedding photos.
For the life of me I have vague recollection of her wedding cake. I do think it was a rich extra moist chocolate cake with chocolate glaze … simply because of the (a) and (b) factors above. So it had deep purple, purple, lilac and pale pink flowers set against deep dark chocolate glazed cake, sitting on edible “moss”.
What I do remember clearly is us being soooo terribly penny wise pound foolish; driving to Petaling Street (China town) to get deep purple tulips we had ordered from the wholesalers the night before the receptions in a gold Mercedes which we had to park at Central Market.
The walk, lit only by the yellow incandescent street lights, gingerly walking through the alleys bustling with wholesalers and transporters unloading goods, we feared for both our lives as well as the tulips;  lovely flowers that were too delicate by nature, let alone our tropical weather!
The only other memory that I am acutely clear about which never will I ever repeat (if at all there’s an opportunity) is: Range Rovers must never be tied with ribbons and bows regardless of colour scheme!

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