Random thought: exhaustion + support + true troopers + partners

1:44 am
I had shut down the PC about 5 minutes earlier..
Got out of the bathroom and decided to boot up again. For some strange reasons I am not getting the wifi that’s complimentary with the room. It better be for the room rates the BIL* is paying for.
The iPhones, iPads and whatever “i” gadgets seems to not have an issue. As well – definitely reinforces the selfishness, being “i” gadgets!.

We – the family – are at a luxe resort, out in the middle of the straits.
I can’t say sea. It’s too mild to be the sea.
I am missing resorts by the open seas; in particular Lighthouse Hotel, Galle.
It’s Geoffrey Bawa’s presence lingering … perhaps. Or just clever architecture than embraces the elements that in turn engulfs my senses.Or the fact that with age, I’m beginning to appreciate seaside resorts!..
Of late, the family is into taking short 2D/1N sea resort like breaks.And this weekend is no different – another 2D/1N sea resort like breaks...
and so, what have I done this weekend?
Well, I worked by the pool while everyone else was having a dip in the deserted pools....
Then I slept for 2-1/2 solid hours dreaming an interesting dream that interweaves almost everyone I’ve known in various lifetimes including a destination wedding photographer whom I’ve engaged (not for any wedding but for an Ellie Saab’s fashion show to raise funds for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation). The thing about this is I’ve engaged him without ever meeting him in person … so the dream does all seem a little weird and vague at this moment, other than the fact that it was one elaborate story of my life with many chapters running at a fast forward speed...
I was woken up for dinner – what else but seafood BBQ?..
Given that one is stranded, prices are seriously steep and my sister had insisted that we ate strategically. By that she meant, the prime cuts of meat, in particular the roast lamb over the coal, and all the seafood available, putting aside any considerations for cholesterol. I was happy to comply with my current self-imposed diet and had thought that I’d dip in the pool at 10pm. Convenient and the best time really for a pool that’s open 24/7, when there’s hardly anyone available to notice my newly cultivated excesses around the waistline!..
Needless to say all ambitions were swept aside when I took a glance at my BB...
WingIt is seriously losing any will to live – who could blame him?
With only 18% the amount of his review entrusted my way, I have not felt so demotivated for the longest of time … procrastination is not an option, with the crazy time lines and multiple module deliveries...
Obi-wan-kenobi is doing his best to rally his mate on with the promise of plying him with an entire barrel of fermented wheat next week, which seems to nudge WingIt towards the finishing line; intoxicating-ly happy...
Oh gosh! What would I do without them?
I can’t help but love them … especially when the deed is done from a pure heart of wanting to lend a helping hand and the need to preserve self-imposed high standards; ignoring the fact that the deliveries are frankly out of their scope and expertise, which they could very well walk away from unscratched...
It’s interesting that help often comes from places least expected.It’s interesting how the best friendships are cultivated during dire times.It’s people like these that made my previous M&A and Special Projects work so fulfilling.Well, back in those days, the crazy unexpected amounts of bonuses were the plus point that kept the family members who made their own sacrifices for us happy. Yes, I’ve always given 80% of my bonuses to my mom since the day I joined the work force.
Now, off to bed.
I can’t carry on after 6 hours straight of editing and drafting mind-numbing wordy stuff.
More so when such shoddy work was turned in … and all of this should be done by another team..


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