my possessions for the next one month

“Even the Elephant carries but a small trunk on his journeys. 
The perfection of traveling is to travel without baggage.”

My sister would rather die.
Heck, a lot of people I know – both genders – would rather roll over and die.
But yes, if it’s a long haul overland trip where everything needs to fit into my back pack and I should be able to carry the back pack for a good 40 minutes before collapsing … here’s all I can afford:

{click to enlarge} | Digital photograph by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved

My most prized possession would have to be my travel documents and moo-lah – I have no intention to be held back unnecessarily in unwarranted and unplanned situations/ locations/ communities.

My most valuable possession would be the camera gear followed by the wrist watch.
Suddenly images of engraved Patek Philippe with early 1960s dates at the back in the markets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh haunts me. But lets get it clear; mine ain’t no Patek Philippe and does not have an engraving behind … hmmm… maybe I should …

The heaviest stuff would be the camera gear (despite being a miserable 1 lens 1 body combination of a range finder), followed by the toiletries. But there’s something I have to say about the toiletries bag. I’ve packed everything in twos … the logic is half way through the journey I’m able to dispose half the bulk (though weight would have been reduced progressively over the days with utilisation, and hence irrelevant).

The first aid kit is yet another “science”.
Given my chronic typical ailments, I am left bringing a number of liquefied items.
Food that is able to alleviate some of the ailments is also creating a bit of space/ bulk issue and slight additional weight for me.

Well, technically if bulk was a concern, I should be ditching the Rubiks cube* and the 900+ pages Anna Karenina and bring an iPad instead. Oh well, genius, let me tell you this: there’s no telling when/ where I’d have the privilege of electricity and charging the only communication equipment I have and the cameras in the truck – tapping on the truck’s batteries, which God prays is in good condition – will be the priority.

Sadly, between the Rubiks cube and Anna Karenina, I’d rather throw out the latter.
But I can’t.
A personal commitment has been made.
Anna Karenina must return and remain in Africa.

Oh well, let’s see how it goes.
I’ve still got a few days to contemplate and adjust.

I’ve not weighed everything organised in the backpack – that in itself is as much an art as a science with weight distribution being utmost important, followed by easy accessibility of items.

One great discovery I had stumbled upon when packing this time around is the zip-lock plastic bag that comes with little plastic hooks at the top which is used as a packaging for the discounted MYR9.90 Uniqlo cotton ribbed tank tops I got. These I thought were just great in the event I’ll need to carry my toiletries and hook them only a nail attached to a Baobab tree in an open air shower, or hang out the slimy soapy contents to dry should I need to.

* I bought a Pyramid-shaped Rubiks cube and the brother-in-law got a 5x5x5!!! The only promise out of this is: countless sleepless nights obsessing over the possible permutations of twist and turns!!!

6 thoughts on “my possessions for the next one month

  1. So where's the limited addition designer handbags and shoes???? No????!!??!???!!!!And are you contemplating an engraved Patek? A Patek? Or engraving?;p

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