evidence why I am seriously a bad pank

Yet another terminology coined by marketers and Val have been trying to capitalise on it ever since she retired short of her 40th birthday.

What Val grossly underestimates is how bad an influence I am.
Let’s take some weeks back … {rewinding} … yes. stop! Just one week short of the Christmas weekend. 

We were baking ginger bread cookies, simply because bratty Becks had insisted we bake them on a Thursday night at around 11 p.m.! The only way to get appease her was to convince her that we would bake them on the upcoming Saturday. Needless to say Friday was madness with relentless reminders on our promise to bake ginger bread cookies.

Making good on our promise, we started sometime Saturday afternoon to allow the dough to cool in the refrigerator before it was cut to shape, baked, cooled down and iced.

With 60 ginger bread families to ice, at some point perfectionist Penelope couldn’t care less who iced them and how bad the outlines were. Soon enough Becks had an icing bag filled with fuchsia pink icing and went about making blops of colour on the women and girls feet. An hour later I am pestered relentlessly … 
“Make more red icing!” 
“I need more red icing!” 
“The boots are not finish. I want red icing!”

I was not prepared to make more icing when we only had a tray left to ice.
I had made too much lime green icing for the men’s ties. So I trust the bag of lime green icing into her hands.

“I want red icing!” she shouts and wails and stomps her feet repeatedly, deaf to any logic I was trying to reason with her.

Wiping my hands onto the apron, I walked out of the kitchen to look for a book I have that featured a Christian Louboutin‘s bright lime green stilettos. 

I showed it to her, she eyed me and the picture suspiciously before flipping more pages and said:
“ooohhh… pretty shoes”

“It’s Louboutin sweetheart. Repeat after me: Lou – bou – tin”, I said with a cheeky smile.

She smiles back with twinkles in her eyes and said “lo boo tin” and went on icing the remaining ginger bread women’s (and men’s) shoes in bright lime green lo boo tin icing!


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