Day 1: Nairobi (again?)

Upon arriving just before the sun rises, I discovered 2 set backs.
(L) Nairobi Airport | (R) Nairobi Kilimani District | Photograph by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved
My 30+ hours Deuter back pack’s clip is broken. 
Damn coz it’s only 30+ hours ago since I procured it.
Damn coz this is a replacement for the other Deuter back pack that only made it for one lousy 4D/3N Shanghai trip whose exploration was cut abruptly short by the fickle Tibetan government officials and a tour agent’s procrastination. 
Had {I can’t remember his name now} not been a gem right from the first moment, I would have cursed high Heavens for having me stuck in Shanghai. For denying me the chance to ride along the Qinghai Tibetan Railway – the highest elevated railway built on permafrost in the world!
The second annoying thing, which if viewed positively meant that neither I nor my roomie was at risk of malaria, is my roll-on mossie bug repellent busted under high pressure in the plane’s cargo compartment. As a result, my entire mobile first aid stash was lined with it. 
But thank god for my obsession of possibly needing endless supplies of ziplock bags, I had literally ziplock-ed anything and everything ziplock-able.
Photograph by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved
Also thank god for being raised closed to the tiny island south of my country, some kiasu-ness must have rubbed on me via osmosis or air borne as I have mossie repellent balm and not one, but two mossie rubber cuff bands too!
So aye! aye! all mossies out there … I’ve got my ammunition sorted out!
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
With laundry out of the way, I completed my watercolour sketch of the elephant sighted in South Africa, Krueger some one year back.
Then, a quick nap and some reading before exploring the estate followed by a late lunch of beef curry with steamed rice only to return to my temporary abode to discover that my roomie had arrived!
Photographs by Penelope Haque | All Rights Reserved
Hmmm… I hope her luggage is in no way a reflection of her.
That’s a lot of luggage compared to mine.

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