the Pixel shopping fix that may have gone wrong

Not that I need much prompting to shop … just about anywhere and anything.
But I have to say I am far from being the best in this respect compared to my other immediate family members.
I noticed that when I am bored, under duress or unnecessary stress, I take refuge amongst the pixels on my screen. I shall not even detail out the stuff I have acquired as it’s truly too embarrassing and really not a very accurate depiction of me.
One of the things that I had added to cart and check-out via Paypal {no wonder I am the face of Paypal in Asia!} is an online Graphics Course utilising Photoshop. 
10 lessons in total for USD 59.90. 
The description had said endless of ideas and free downloads. 
My sister swears by online craft classes … well, to put things into context let’s say my sister takes jewelry making 101, 102 and 103, brings home kilos of suspect looking and smelling handmade soap, splotches of colours on fabric called art … and she even attends darkroom processing when she does not even own a film camera! So, when she had said: 
ohhh the online classes are really value for money. You get so much out of them 
… I should have taken cue of all the above experimentation in the name of self development she had done.
“Endless of ideas” translates to instructions for subscribing to Pinterest and looking for inspiration and pinning them up onto a virtual sample/ inspiration board.
“Freebies” it appears are free font downloads from the likes of, and free brushes and effects from the likes of FanXtra and Smashing Magazine!

In any case I looked through all 10 lessons with a pang of disappointment – they were all rather elementary – and so I decided nonetheless to start infusing a life of discipline and adopting the “want not waste not” outlook by going at Lesson 1 … an Alphabet Poster.

The outcome?
Oh well, it’s ok … makes cheap {ignoring opportunity cost of lost time} but thoughtful gift especially for nurseries.

The only thing is it took me >3 hours!!!
When on Adobe Illustrator, it would have taken me about 20 to 30 minutes tops!

9 more lessons … that’s one heck of a lot of opportunity cost to learn how to draw something on another software programme. Maybe I should cut-loss.


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