{gulp} me is sickies … me, blog

Well, technically it’s the narcissistic links about me and those relating to the previous blog entries on the right hand panels. These will have minimal impact if you have no interest in me or have been an avid follower – you will not miss a single thing!
Oh, and did I say I have a cranky MacBookPro with really sticky keys {thanks to me feeding it whole Starbucks mugs of Grande Caffe Americano on a few occasions} … 
So not only typing is a challenge, it has been compounded with newly manicured French nails and the occasional skeptical brain that goes into an overdrive mode of: 
“do I smell burnt coffee?!?!?!???” 
that quickly sets the panic button going for fear of ruining not my MacBookPro but the SSD in there which I so cherish despite all other flaws, including the minor electrocution it throws me on and off!
Anyways, what I’m about to really say is, I am having some physical challenges fixing the links now.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
And I have to prioritise other stuff at the moment like fixing myself lunch; not because my body demands to be fed, but because even at this age I fear my mom’s return {who’s gone to watch How To Catch A Star with the pesky 5-year old} only to discover that I’ve not cooked myself a proper meal, but preferred to go with Mee Maggi Cepat Dimasak, Lazat Dimakan! … which sadly is the fact. 
FACT 1: About my fear of mom
FACT 2: About Maggi – which I have been deprived off in my childhood and early adolescence years. It’s amazing I survived college years without being discriminated as the only person who doesn’t eat instant noodles! In a strange way FACT 1. applies even when I am miles away from her hyper sensitive olfactory nerves.
And lastly I have to prioritise the other revenue generating blog, and the other 2 paid-for-content blog I work on every weekend … well, almost every weekend if I’m not in some remote tribal village across the globe.

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