bored @ boards? tic-tac-toe!

Believe this.

I am playing tic-tac-toe … on my own.

Yes, on my own coz I’m sitting at the far end of the Boardroom table with a full Board in full swing at a local financial services organization.

This is a confession I shouldn’t be blogging about, as much as not updating your Facebook with things you should be doing, places you shouldn’t be at, people you shouldn’t be with … et cetera et cetera … ya’ know, things that will get you in trouble with your mother, boss, wife, authorities … et cetera et cetera

But such is life.

And I am beyond bored … so I’ve abandoned the tic-tac-toe with scribbling some thoughts that I would blog later… as in now, digitally.

There are some sparks. Don’t get me wrong.

But it’s really the same old same old type of sparks I hear in almost every other Board Meeting. After the fourth or fifth, they lose their shine in my eyes. I have no interest in finding out if anyone even gets it or says anything remotely intelligent. It’s no fault of theirs. And I’m not even commenting on the quality of the board members across industries and companies … rather when it comes to remuneration, rarely is it impartial and sensible.


Also being cheap, I bought a gel ink pen in turquoise, hot pink, and lime green from BIC.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with BIC.

BIC being BIC has always stayed true to its core:

recyclable, disposable, affordable, plastic-ky


And that’s what the quality really is.

What I had forgotten conveniently – being persuaded by the RM 1.90 price tag versus the RM 5.30 to RM 6.90 of it’s competitors gel ink pen – was the old fashion adage of ‘what you pay is what you get!’


So, in short at RM 1.90 it’s totally acceptable that my BIC gel ink pen does not flow well; I am losing some alphas, curves and bends as well as strokes … as I scribe this on my favourite Tulip brand RM 2.90 notepad that surprisingly defies the ‘what you pay is what you get’ performing better than the Moleskine


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