hitting out on the geeks and a not so great psd job

I’m pretty convinced I should just deal with machines now.

In the last 72 hours I have successfully gotten pissed off with 2 geeky parties; a website programming course provider and a website developer dealing with Magento. The former is to better manage and maintain my existing eCommerce site. The latter is to develop yet another eCommerce website platform.

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Dear Kenny,


This is frankly ludicurous! To charge me 5,000 ringgit to get a quotation from your company!
Also, how is one suppose to pluck a budget from thin air? More so a budget that would surpass your magic figure before you consider yourself at par as Linda Evangelista to work at a budget!


On your second request, here’s my answer:

Firstly, Magento is not a widely used application in Malaysia and if I am a programmer I may at a stretch of imagination be able to estimate mandays for customisation of a new application with Magento.


I had very clearly spelt out my needs and had asked a 30,000 feet QUALIFYING question of: is your company able in terms of capability deliver a C2C platform? A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer would suffice.


Secondly, I had asked yet another 30,000 feet question on costing base on the following 5 areas:

  1. domain and hosting
  2. software licenses
  3. programming cost for website design (front end – html, css) – mandays required
  4. programming/ customisation costs for website design (back end) – mandays required
  5. maintenance cost p.a.
Correct me – the apparently techno moron in this correspondence – if I am wrong:
  1. is EXTERMELY standard

  2. I had said I wanted to use Magento with the Unirgy extension (rates are published and public! and I had pointed it to you HERE. So, it’s for your company to advise on the mix-and-match of plugins with pros-and-cons)

  3. website design is again extremely standard and you could well give a range. Part-timers and college students does this in their pyjamas for crying out loud!

  4. yes, variations are large here – again if you are capable and have track record of doing C2C, you would be able to quote a range/ ball park figure with pros and cons

  5. maintenance cost p.a. is standard without additional customisation or enhancement, no?

So, frankly, what’s the issue?


At the rate this email is going I will be a fool to even proceed with you and your organisation. I shudder to think of the  post development support I will get. Let alone the maintenance, if any at all.


FYI, I own an online store with more than 100,000 SKU and am ranked top 25 globally in my industry. On this premise, I should be issuing you a request for proposal priced at a discounted rate of RM500 for the tender documents and RM4,500 for the right to tender and a performance bonus!


So again, can you and have you created a C2C platform.
If NO, there’s really no need for us to proceed with any more communication.


And if you are dull enough to even want to respond to me {given the high probability of the above sarcasm and verbal abuse not passing through your thick skull … which I suspect a good 60% of my sarcasm is wasted like water on duck’s back}, note that I do NOT need or want a regular e-Commerce B2C store. I am highly capable of maintaining this and have programmers to do so with html, css, java and php.




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The above is partly due to PMS.
But mostly they were just idiots with very little people skills.
Now note, not all geeks have bad people skills.
I am geeky and I generally have great people skills {only if I set my mind to make an effort to charm}.
I also happen to laugh out loud at geeky and nerdy jokes … so I have nothing against them. 
The above is partly due to pent-up frustration over two legal contracts I’ve pulled molars over and offered kidneys to for days now with an affiliated of the Central Bank and a sort-off DFI.

So to chill out tonight, I decided to try my hand at psd the photo of two Hamer boys gazing into the pasture while waiting for the bulls to be gathered for the jumping of the bulls taken in Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia a few weeks back. I had set out wanting to experiment with a grunge metallic look (which Joey Lawrence is famous for), but realised my sky is so blown out (thanks to taking photos at midday in over 45 degrees Celsius heat) and there’s not enough richness in the background colour.

Abandoning my photoshop attempt halfway … here’s the shot.

{p}.Haque | All Rights Reserved

Having gravitated towards photo documentary/ journalism photos with a fashion/ commercial/ fine art twist, I’ve been wanting to experiment … and had bought an approximate of a bug killing book by Scott Kelby (the Editor-in-Chief of Photoshop User Magazine which I’ve never bought a copy off).
Maybe I should stop reading Scott Kelby to bed.
It’s rather pathetic – to think about it.
I haven’t had much time to do anything with my photos.
Some dates back 4 years now.
As a poor substitute I read Scott Kelby while imagining my photos being processed.
It’s really about digging in.
And it’s beyond me why a person who does not do self learning well would part good money for a book.
Oh yeah, that’s coz I end up being sarcastic with the geeks or nerds who can teach me … but rather not to safe themselves from being abused.

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