This is London (1959)

With every ‘dry’ book, I read 2 fun ones simultaneously; the appetizers and desserts so to speak!


I ‘picked’ up This is London (1959) late one night over the internet – it seemed like a keeper; I’m a sucker for illustrations. And a dreamer [always wanted to be a children’s book illustrator].

There are not many words in Miroslav Sasek‘s This is London, but those few are most memorable.

His humour is characteristic and pervasive; the jokes are all pointed. Concentrating on the things he appears to like best: people, costume, and transport, he somehow pieces them and infuse it with local details to form a whole impression of the city that seems accurate even today.

The colours are magical and his illustrations are accurate representation of the general true form. A delight no doubt, and one that got me smiling in traffic.

There are others in his collection. I must definitely get my hands on them …




2 thoughts on “This is London (1959)

  1. : ) i’m sure you are one of those with lots of coffee table books on designs, furniture and structure. but, you know, “God is in the details” and VS Naipaul is overflowing with those narratively!!!

  2. ahhh, lightweight stuff always favors me… my redeemed VS Naipaul is still sitting on the rack gathering dust almost touching the but, surprisingly, gimme a himalayan related book, i can digest it in no time…lol.

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