on Haque

I know I don’t exactly have a common FIRST name in this part of the world.

I don’t have a common {adopted} LAST name in any part of the world.
Let’s talk about the {adopted} LAST name.
Not about why I adopted it … that’s a really long story of which I have no energy for at the moment and I’ve not wrapped my head around the best way to explain the adoption. And whose last name it is to begin with … simply put, the time is not right to reveal it yet.
Confusion and speculation of course have kept acquaintances and long lost friends wondering.
And sure, it doesn’t help when I am spotted with a 1.5 carat Tiffany Soleste styled ring …

But tsk tsk tsk … the devil’s in the detail, it’s on the right hand, not left!

In any case back to Haque.

Not Hak-key
Not Ha-queue
Not Hug you {but thank you}

And definitely not  {blip} you … which if combined with my mispronounce first name approximating a certain private part of the anatomy … oh boy! I don’t even have parents to blame for this!!!

Lastly, it’s not HaGue… and no, the other 1/2 of HaQue in question here is not the Dutch [ɦaːx]

… but yeah, the Netherlands pronunciation works. 
It’s really Hac, Haq, Hak or Huk!


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