he said : i said … and the pending TO DOs for 2013

he said: “seriously darling, if it’s giving you so much trouble why do you carry on doing it?”
i said: “you do it.”
he said: “it’s my job.”
what I didn’t say, “don’t you get tired? how is it possible that you are blogging, twitting, thinking and orchestrating the generation of income through ideas and innovation 80 hours a week? {pause} at the minimum” 
he’s smart-er. probably that’s why he has larger capacity.
he’s a HE. probably that’s why he’s less affected by the 8/10 folks who disagrees with him. every day.
he’s too revolutionary too care? Perhaps.
oh, he has bad caffeine stain.
I’ve just taken to the weekly binge of one Guinness a week.
Two coffee or espresso a day. No more latte or cappuccino. 
Gotta watch the waist line.
Though I succumb on Friday.
I had a macchiato, a Baileys on the rocks, a Mojito, a Guinness (it’s fast becoming my comfort drink) and I know it was loads of sparkling water (which I only acquired the taste for while consuming litres of Ambo in Ethiopia) and ground coffee. 
It’s was a rough week. 
And a weekend. 
Hence, the accompanying Bundaberg (diet) Ginger Beer by my side. 
I’m losing grip of what lies ahead.
I’ve always prided myself on good time management. My cope mechanism was blogged here and it  received one of the highest “go to hell you self indulging bitch” emails and comments. I still swear by my To Do Lists …
Since it’s really getting late and I do have one of those meetings which I am unable to decline although I will only possible slightly more than 20% contribution in the morning across town, I’ll make it short highlighting the major ones only:
complete Travel-log book
It has always been my dream/ goal to write. And short of realising I am no Salman Rushdie, I had doctored my Bucket List to “travel-log” … and here I am. My deadline is, if I recall September 2013.
re-work and re-launch 2nd website
I’ve given up finding anyone who gets it from my point of view in terms of rearranging the binary codes. I’ve pretty much had enough nasty spats with geeks … no offence, I am a self professed first class geek. My personal deadline is end 2013.

conceptualise and work on wall art/ canvas prints
It’s for the house we’re moving into. I am so backward in this regard.
Completion is tied to the below …

relocation aka moving home
It’s really this.
The whole idea of it sends me into panic spasms.
And I am one who doesn’t have much material stuff/ junk to begin with.
No wonder I feel exhausted all the time.
It’s a good thing I’ve decided to postpone my 2013 Trans-Siberia trip.
And that pretty much nails the final nail into the “coffin” of this blog initiative … oh well, it’s too one sided anyways although it was his idea, not mine. Disappointing. 
Note, I should really not be promoting and linking that blog site. 
Since I made a cursory mention in this blog here and my other blog (ok – not cursory – I linked it! and checked google analytics and blog analytics to verify source) the readership had gone up by thousands of folds in terms of % increase from its inceptions. 
I want to kill it! Yes, I am pissed … and I don’t like building readership for people who don’t deserve it.
Yes, I know this is all very childish … but hey, until and unless you spend 6 years building readership and getting the hang of SEO, seriously, talk to the hand!


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