1:44 am … Mr.B defied the docs for a decade and other defiance

I should so be sleeping.
My eyelids are threatening to defy me.
Somehow today is a day of defiance.
Or should I say yesterday – 11th May.
First, it took loads of self control not to drive to Leland’s birth place.
They were throwing prices of the pre-registered vehicles.
Evoque was going for just above 320K.
The real deals – Range Rover and Range Rover Sports were at a mere 400-ish to 420-ish.
OK, it’s not really MERE-ly, but you get the drift and the deal if you’re a hardcore fan accustomed to the price tag.
My head automatically does the maths.
With a trade in, current financing (hence cash flow management) the top up for the RR label is just 100K.
But the thing is I don’t really fancy an Evoque.
Sure, it blows your mind when you test drive it, and I like the fact that it responses to touch … ooooohhhh … sensual!
But it’s still really a wannabe.
An entry level thing-y which defies the entire logic of the RR heritage -> that bothers me a lot!
And it’s smaller than my current Leland – doesn’t make any sense trading in, more so when Leland has a long way more to go. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
10 years (short of 9 minutes now (@1.51 AM)) Mr. B threatened to enter the world.
As he made his demands, some rather peculiar occurrences happened; amongst them includes the sudden blackout, the mechanically jammed gate, the coincidence of another untimely birth … 
He finally made it.

I was still fast asleep; video-graphy abandoned. Evidence that could/ would have been really useful in his medical negligence trial … but that was how it was to be.

And again, he finally made it through the court proceedings, coming out tops!

Every medically sound specialist had written him off; some within just a few hours of his existence, most a few days after.

A few weeks, a couple of years was the best estimate.
Which prompted the start of our online store and involvement in providing child care advise to others.
A good half of those bogus blokes who self profess to be the next closest thing to God had written him off. A handful views him as taboo. Others embraced him as their own; albeit a “fallen angel”! an outcast, but one who was once revered and they continue to hold him in such esteem. 
Today he has defied everyone for a wholesome decade … going head on with a steady pace, confronting all obstacles bravely.
Inspired by his hair (thanks to his bed ridden state) and his perseverance, I baked him a hedgehog cake – dodged determination, never losing sight.

The cake is done.
The icing will be in 6 or 8 hours time.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
After the second failure of planning for a TranSiberia trip (the first being my age as a deterrent), and me having massive second thoughts about photographing under the tutelage of Maggie Steber in a few weeks time, I thought I should be planning for another trip.
I said, “Tibet {and possibly the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea}”
He said, “Nepal – the Annapurna trek”   
I replied, “I will die. {pause} oh no, wait! You will die too!”
He smiled and said, “Oh well, if my janoo doesn’t want to trek, we can always just hang around Kathmandu …”

hmmmm … hang around Kathmandu … b..bb…b…B…But … there’s nothing there!

And so I went ahead with Tibet.
Contacting Chris (the bloke that was pulling together a customised {but ended up not so customised} TranSiberia Trip, though we ended up having a few things in common to strike a friendship), and another travel agent, I got the wheels going for Tibet … with mom.

And she said, “Can we go somewhere else other than Tibet? There’s nothing there!”
Oh gawd people!
Tibet I have to go!
I missed Jordan with my last attempt.
He had gone ahead without me.

I was stranded in goddamn Shanghai the last time.
It was far from fun! with nothing to procure from the apparently reputed Shanghai Museum – this would be the first time ever I had nothing to buy from a Museum gift shop. I love every museum gift shop … until I visited Shanghai Museum … and the curse have remained like VD which refuses to let up!
Anyways it’s the Qinghai Tibetan train that I wanna do. Potala Palace is a good way to end since Lhasa is the end of the track.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Time to sleep – 2:17 AM!


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