@ home: hedgehog for Mr. B

I don’t get it.
I first realised this some 15 – 20 years back when I was part of a monthly 4 x 4 group. 
The older the folks, the slower they drove.
And they would cherish, salvage and continue to hold on to their old gadgets even when they have bought new spare ones as replacement of the good ol’ trusty one.
One would have thought that with limited time left, efficiency and speed would be paramount.
And one would live life to the fullest.
But… NO.
And it’s the same with mom!
Every time I set out to bake (which is infrequent these days due to time pressure and hence priorities), the good ol’ faulty Kenwood Chef makes its presence.
This is one piece of metal-plastic that even has it’s own baggage tag to boost.
It’s one of the 3 Kenwood mixers we have at home, not counting the 6 quart Kitchen Aid which is so retro … but I’ve never used once.

Seriously, you don’t get images of this model if you were to google “Kenwood Chef”.
You’ll have to add in the word vintage
It’s so old – older than me – that having such a gender bias, sexist, politically incorrect advertisement was the way to boost sales:

Well in any case, I’m not about to argue with mom.
It’s mother’s day.

That aside, I’ve long learnt to pick my fights with just about everyone, and this is one fight not worth picking.

The occasion?
Mr. B’s 10th birthday.

For some strange reasons, I’ve been assigned to bake his cake.

Good thing it’s a child’s cake – one can easily get away with quick sloppy work!
And so, arm with my two out of 177 most used Wilton ULTIMATE Decorating Set accessories and nozzle #21, I decided to ice the hedgehog cake with whipped cream rather than butter icing since:

  • I dread butter icing – it’s fattening and sweet
  • I have never made butter icing before and was not about to experiment with it 

Being a hedgehog, neatness and precision is really not a criteria at all …

… but there’s really good reason why decorated cakes are typically done with butter icing, royal icing and sugar paste or marzipan. Whipped cream melts, slides and refuses to hold any shape!
And thus, the above had to be accomplished in a speedy gonzales manner, and off goes Mr. Hedgehog into the refrigerator for chilling.
Oh well, Val can’t fault me for not using my Christmas gift.
And despite her missing the dateline for our Wilton Basic cake decorating course, I did make a kids birthday cake.
Psst … the hedgehog is not one of the “orders” place by Val earlier {read: HERE}

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