apologies played forward: expect less activity

My entries here is going to be less frequent.
The main reason being:
I am currently struggling to wrap my head around why I had agreed and decided on writing a 2-part travelogue.
As if a travelogue is not time and soul draining enough, I said “ok” to two!
I am seriously in need of help. the sick in the head type of help
I don’t even find myself funny … heck, I can’t even spell and guarantee my grammar is correct … hence the red fonts which denotes: {p}.Haque can’t spell – please check.
So, once I have figured out how I could possibly be such an idiot in the not so distance past, I’ll have to get around writing it. Or rather finding some inspiration to write it. I am all but done with 2.25 chapters of the India Travelogue … and I’ve pretty much exhausted all the mojo I have in me. 
by {p}.Haque – All Rights Reserved – click to enlarge
The other reason is my indecisiveness on blog platform and focus! i.e. should I …
  • shut the blog down all together and focus on the Travel G-spots blog or 
  • continue {the other 1/2 of} Haque on WordPress platform or 
  • combine both blogs on a WordPress platform or
  • do I even want to do any of the above?

Lastly of course, notwithstanding the workload in the salaried job, my socialpreneur venture and the above crazy travelogue project that’s due in September 2013 … or was it November 2013, I am seriously toying with cultivating my Malaysia.na idea – more of this later … if I do ever get on with it.
Somewhere along all of these and the past few days, I’ve also been asked to help to design a logo, run some financial modeling (why do people think I like this beyond my 9to5 continues to amaze me … more so on a favour/ pro bono basis) and sew a dress!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The above post and contemplation was written while life was still as per normal with Mr. B sleeping soundly in his bed some 20 feet away from me.

As this gets published digitally on the web, my darling, my raison d’être for over 10 years has gone to join his creators. There is much adjustment for all of us behind as we come to accept a new chapter of all our lives.

The hardest words I had penned over the last couple of weeks were that of this last resting place’s plaque:

A miracle and gift. You thought us eternal unconditional love.
You will live on in our hearts.
No other words penned for the longest of time will carry as much weight, responsibility and meaning.
Likewise, it’s unlikely I’d be able (or inspired) to take any photos in a long time – having recorded his birthday, followed by farewell 9 days apart.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


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