still worthy of the Global Geek claim!

I was so stumped! The teeny weeny crapy Canon Selphy CP780 driver just wouldn’t talk to my Mountain Lion.

Well, the Canon Selphy is crappy if you are someone who is particular about how her photos are printed – I recalled giving a curator a rather tough time with 6 revisions, but that I suppose is nothing compared to her experience with Steve McCurry. Then of course, she was shorter – make that substantially shorter – with me coz I am no Steve McCurry.

It’s crappy when I had thought it was the best option moving forward for the Project Life Travel (Vintage?) I had promised to create for Val and Frankly, not the cheapest @RM0.80 per postcard sized print, but it was convenient and since it’s going to be embellished and what not, I could live with the lack of perfection of the photos.

Now, it’s seriously crappy when I am dealing with a crappy Mac Pro (I suspect it wants it’s caffeine fix) that still hangs at the worst imaginable moments when you require it to stay on. It now gives me minor electro-shocks – this is post it’s 3 days visit to Dr. Mac that charged me RM550 to perform chemical cleaning for the coffee stains in the mother board and what not. Dr. Mac had also said he had changed a minor part or two; complimentary. And more importantly Dr. Mac was cock-sure it would work flawlessly now.

I on the other hand beg to differ and instinctively wanted to argue with Dr. Mac.

But the thing is this: who am I to argue with Dr. Mac?

I will never know for sure what was changed and wasn’t. Sure, I can authenticate the chemical cleaning only because my Mac Pro did a bad job in cleaning after himself post his caffeine fix. So, rather than tell Dr. Mac he is dead wrong that the coffee spills were the cause of the hangs, I thanked him and asked if there’s a warranty. I know for a fact, my Mac Pro will be returning and had to get it down on paper that the warranty stands.


Mac Pro will be admitted again … probably next week when time permits.

Men should learn to listen to me more.

“Mommy” always knows best!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

569371-0So anyways, after failing to install the Canon Selphy CP780, I posted on facebook for help.

I got two calls within 3 minutes of the post going up; 4 minutes apart. No help, but thanks fellow geeks! Don’t you just love geeks and their whole concept of altruism?

And in the same spirit of real-life altruism, here’s the steps to install the Selphy CP780 printer driver on Mountain Lion when your Mac returns you the favour of a reject/ error message.

Lastly, before the serious bits below, I am proud to say I am still worth of the Global Geek claim a friend had bestowed to me by way of a super cool t-shirt last week.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

GEEK SOS – Trouble Shooting Solution for Installing Selphy CP780

function installationCheck() {

return true;


  • Press CMD-S to save the changes.
  • Double click the file “SELPHY CP series Printer driver_6.0.0.21.mpkg” on your desktop to execute it – continue to install the driver as you would normally

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