to invest or not to invest

For one, this for sure: they have been nice. But, on the other hand, let’s not forget: I translate great value.

So technically, it’s not like they’ve been charitable, kind, naive or anything. Rather, from a calculated stand point for me, this is an expected reciprocal exchange of value. For them, it’s cunning.

I’ve been ‘management’. And I’ve been a master at this for the longest of time. But, I suppose the real difference is, I have a humane approach to it. I am dead honest about it. I call a spade a spade.

For example, I’ve termed the work culture of my previous organization a “sweat shop”; people are put through the toughest, most hostile and bullying 6 months of probationary period where if they succeed in groping in the dark and emerge a survivor, they are a winner to keep; and terms like “every dog has it’s day”, “you’re as good as your last deal”, “who cares about effort? we look at only results” are handed out even to those who has been dragged face down across gravel. In short – toughen up or out.

With these guys here, it’s a eff-ing polite sugar coated environment full of parrots dishing out politically correct and ambiguous statements. Wait. That’s what 99.9999% of them have been trained and indoctrinated to do for a living.

And yes, I find those development and talent agenda talk full of “con” and thus, “insulting” to my intelligence.

It gets tougher when I view my time as transitional. I did. I still do.

Everyone of my self assigned mentor and personal coach had said, “Penny, give it two years … and get the hell outta there.

I’ve got 2/3rd of a year left.

With transitional, I’d want every aspect of the relationship to be as transaction-al as possible. I am not here to make any friends, especially with those who have taken a purported interest in helping me manage my career.

Thanks, but no thanks.

I DO NOT TRUST YOU. I don’t know you and you, (yes, this I know for sure) do not know nuts about me. No one really listens, even when they ask the questions either out of routine or politeness – a trait so ingrain in their system. Point is, when you’re in a position of always telling others what to do and what is right, you’re really bad at listening.

 Thanks, but no thanks.

I HIGHLY SUSPECT YOU ARE CLUELESS. On my more charitable days, I’d say you don’t articulate and communicate well. See, I’ve no idea what the career options are for me to chose a destination job and work towards it. I’ve no idea what is in store in your impersonal boring 234 word email outlining the “great”news of being selected as part of this exclusive group (of who and what?) for a (what and how?) Leadership Programme.


Not you assigning every Tom, Dick and Harry whom you think would get to me, throw baseless career options with no milestones, timelines and visualization of what success looks like.

For one, none of those “evangelist” you have sent resonate with me in any way. To be brutally blunt, a good 2/3rds of them repels me and hence, adds undue distress over the prospect of having to spend time with them in close quarters. This truly goes back to not listening and hence, not knowing me.

Secondly, all of your “evangelist” seems to be massed produced to ISO perfection with delivery befitting R2D2, C-3PO and the Clone Troopers, of whom, thinking about it, I’d rather swap your “evangelist” with the annoying Gungan outcast – Jar Jar Binks or even the dumb Ewoks!

Lastly, with every “evangelist”, my version of doomsday seems to close in even faster, with each and everyone throwing in more “opportunities” without regard of the current situation and problem I am facing. Without a thought of how each new proposition piling up on the others only suffocates me further.

With the last to come at mid-day on the last day of the work week – I am forced to think and decide two things: is it a transition or not? If so, should I wait out the remaining 2/3rds of a year.

Once that is clear, the decision to or not to: change flights from New York to Las Vegas Los Angeles (and cancel car rental from Las Vegas to Los Angeles) and lastly change the long haul Biz-class flight from Los Angeles to Malaysia Singapore by 4 days will be clear.

As for now, it seems like an expensive matter at hand (especially the Biz-class flight) for the UNKNOWN.

So, in the meantime as you await my decision of TO INVEST OR NOT TO INVEST (by way of losses in shortening my socialpreneur self paid trip to the US and re-routing my flight plans) – a decision that will probably be done at the drop of a hat purely base on gut feel, since there’s really no other way void of any information – to reward you with time well spent going through my rant, here’s an interesting (dated) article by Mike Myatt (America’s top CEO Coach) in Forbes on The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails. All companies with lofty leadership ideals, and Leadership Development Programme designers, please sit up, listen and take note of this article!




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