sometimes HE sends us messages …

I’ve not picked up my gear in the serious sense since the Heavenly GODs last spoke, but I took NO heed

I’ve lost the urge. And besides I’m too preoccupied with other things the last couple of years.

It’s not that I had not tried. I signed up for two workshops, but never made it. Never got my refunds, although one had said a refund would be given. Oh whatever.

Between then and now …

I had participated in a charity drive; donating 6 shots that was made into 600 prints for sale.

Between then and now …

Two of my shots was exhibited. One by somewhere in the USA – I can’t recall now, but I am sure the invite is somewhere in the 2″ high unopened snail mail that sits on the antique buffet table. Or in my mailbox with gad-zillion unread emails.

p{Haque} School India

The other in Brazil – I can’t quite recall what it is and I didn’t quite understand the who shebang about it, but the folks were nice enough.

p{Haque} Jesus 01

They were all from the archive. And NO, I don’t take religious shots per se.

Off late I’ve been content with my iPhone 3 (can’t say the same of the Blackberry inbuilt camera). And if I do take the effort to board a plane beyond 4 hours, I’ll take my Leica point-and-shoot and grudgingly the Leica M8, knowing that 95% of the shots will be done by the point-and-shoot and only a handful of the remaining 5% with the M8 will be worthy a second look!

My success with a borrowed Fuji X100 was anything but juvenile. Frankly my hairy “cousin”, I suspect could possibly have taken a few better shots than me if given a chance to use the Fuji X100.

There’s just something about it and me. The colours were off. And a sizeable amount of shots I took seems to have some light leak, which is not possible.

Nonetheless, it was good fun playing with the 180 degrees panoramic abilities that preoccupied my nights along The Bund in Shanghai, while I endured Shanghai as I waited for my Tibetan visitor permit … that never materialized. Well, at least with the Fuji X100 and my obsession of getting at least one great shot, I have to say the premium paid for a hotel that is 3 minutes away from The Bund paid-off; least they could have given me free Wifi … but I quickly discovered it was counter productive without being able to access my normal websites!

So today, I decided to call on Jason’s brother James to get a one-size-fits all lens for my sister for Christmas; relenting to her relentless nag about not having the right equipment to capture moments of her children for Project Life. Now, if you would allow me. There’s something that needs to be said about Project Life.

Firstly, it’s nothing new. Ali Edwards have been doing it for eons; I bet she feels like crap when all the credit and moo-lah is directed to Becky Higgins! What am I on about? Oh, this is scrapbooking.

Secondly, it is additive. As silly as it may be … and oh boy how hard I resisted getting sucked into this madness, I finally thought I’d give it a try … and yes, it is additive.

Lastly, anything additive is costly! I am down to my 2nd pack of Canon Selphy paper and ink cartridges – yes, I am reduced to iPhone photos being Instagram-ed and now, a low quality instant compact home photo printer that’s fuchsia in colour!!!

As for my sister, well, she is definitely up the value chain, having inherited my D3s along with the 50mm 1.4f, but obviously needed something more practical – of which I am unable to provide as I only shoot exclusively prime and wide angle. To top it off, my gears have been cleared (forcefully and not by choice) … and I’ve not had the desire to really replace any, having “retired”. So it was time to get a medium focal length lens for her – the 24-120 f4.

But when I entered the shop, Sam and James tells me of a pristine condition used 24-70 f2.8 …

Naturally this would be a perfect companion to the 70-200 f2.8 and everyone knows you need both of that and a good portrait lens to cover you for 80% of just about any normal person needs to shoot.

Heck, this is not even normal person. This is the gear combination for most professional photographers.

But we all know I never shot zoom. I never had a need for a 24-70 … so why am I still thinking about it?

So, I stuck to plan and came out shot of 2 grand “richer” by not succumbing to the 24-70 f2.8 and proceeded to the dentist. While waiting, I flipped through The Rotarian. I don’t know about you, but my growing up years left me with the impression that The Rotary Club was just a old wealth or new professionals club for self deserving needs. Sure, they do “charitable stuff” – but what exactly is charitable in their books other than the odd cement benches in the parks? is unknown to me.

The Rotarian educated me on their work across the world, focusing on causes like polio eradication and sanitation (i.e. stopping people for defecating in the open – it was a rather comical story if you could look past the action). But what caught me was a whole third of the magazine (which is very thin by the way), was devoted to Carol Guzy. Her shots captivated me – I mean, what’s not to captivate when this woman has won four Pulitzer prizes!?!?!!!  {check her gallery here}

and there I go thinking about the 24-70 again! until the drilling and probing started, which got me remembering the number of nerves that’s embedded in one’s gums! Why God? Why? Surely you could spread them out better. Ouch.

Today, as I dutifully look for my Pisa and Rome photos to queue for print on the Selphy so that I can continue with my Florence Project Life, I loaded the external drive with a “TRAVEL” label on it, only to realized it contains pro bono shots I had done for the AIDS Council, UNICEF and a few others unknown to the normal man on the street. It has been mislabeled.

Attempting the second external drive, I stumbled upon shots I had taken of tribes in Kenya and Ethiopia …

At dinner, my sister hands me a print of myself playing the Samburu version of “congkak” (a game of pebbles) with a group of Samburu warriors who had hosted me for 3 days 2 nights.

HE is sending a message

Hamer 08BW

All Photos are Copyright {p}.Haque | All Rights Reserved

{this photo above is not the Samburu. This is the Hamer tribe during the bull jumping ceremony}




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