dense + daft

I’m thinking:

seriously?!? I MEAN ARE YOU {BLIP-ing} SERIOUS?!?

I am a softie. I am logical. I can be tough when pushed to a corner, but mostly I am a softie.

So, when it makes sense and I can convince myself {don’t try to ‘sell, persuade, cajole’ me … when I’m in that zone}, you freaking get a second chance. I don’t hold grudges in these instances. You get a clean slate.

But listen, this is your second START from a not so distance STOP.

And I said I don’t hold grudges, but that does not mean I have a short-term memory.


In your case, it was a STOP that was really a big fat FULL.STOP. So FULL that I was so close to pulling the plug.

So really, don’t push me. Don’t even freaking think it’s funny and that you could try your luck. I am really still in that zone.


But that’s what it is with people these days. The young ones especially.

Makes you wonder if some how one of their 23-paired chromosomes have misfired. It’s as if they are born void of any sensitivity, self awareness and wider social awareness of nuances. In short, seriously dense and daft.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

pHaque Stupid Quote

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

But I’m thinking: who’s seriously the dense and daft one? 


I was told to cut lost.

Now that I think about it – thanks to some itch you had by sending me the world’s stupidest message of the century –  I should have just cut you lose. Well, maybe the next time when you climb over my head, I shall pull the plug. I am 100% sure you would step beyond the invisible line …

hmmm… occasionally it’s blissful to be in the position of authority.



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