2 minutes Comic Con moment

I’m not usually star struck. I can’t recall when was the last time I was star struck – that is to say prior to this.

Maybe it takes a lot to impress me. Maybe I just haven’t met my ** stars **

So, when I saw a bunch of cling rubber stamps and distress ink stained painting spotting comic characters, I stopped in my tracks and started admiring it and muttering out loud:

“I like these. No. I really, REALLY, REALLY like these.”

Out of the blue, a calming voice over my shoulders responded, “Thank you.”

I spun around, and there was this guy who looked vaguely familiar … I smiled and turned my head back to continue admiring the art work while saying, “Yours?”

And at about that moment my eyes caught the sign:

Brett 00

And that’s about when caution was thrown to the wind and I was just short of a squealing pre-teen …

OK. It was a 2 minutes Comic Con moment for both of us minus the insanity of costumes. Sure. I know the entire point of Comic Con is the costumes!

 … but hey, at least I’m one of the few who recognised that name … and who is totally dizzy looking at the art work!

And really, for him, it must be rather miserable from being the Brett Weldele in Comic Con to a shadow lurking in the background at CHA. So, I’d like to think inasmuch as he made my day, I made his day. Of course, Val is obliged to buy his merchandises, if not for anyone else, for me!

Brett and Me 650

ABOUT Brett Weldele … and his works:


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