Part 1 of Projekt Foto-Painting… making “skins”

It’s the second day of Chinese New Year … enough of food, though in defense I am lucky to be a peranakanwith grandparents that were Western educated.

*Chinese-Malay parentage that dates back 4 or 5 generations when a pretty Princess was sent to a suspect nationality King – Parameswara (surely he must be Indon!) with an entourage of people including some (Bruce Lee-Jackie Chan ‘kung fu’) warriors (that has been conveniently obliterated from our history books when DNAs existed and diversity and inclusion was still alien) to a faraway Peninsular in the interest of improving trade relationships …

Long story short, none of my descendent were on that ship – they may have died from opium or more probably peacock feathers allergies. But (legend has it?) that someone earlier on in the blood line was a pirate who eloped with  a (not all that) beautiful (judging from the sepia photos I have seen)  girl in the Indonesian royal court and landed on the rat infested shores with occasional sighting of bullish deers bullying tigers (who’s to verify and challenge back in the day where they chop your head off from treason?). The thieving  profession skipped one generation and continued with grandpa who legitimized it as a artifact collector (Western educated, remember?) … skip another boring generation (my mom) … I steal the lamest of things!

Honestly, if you are so inclined, there’s a “on NO! Family” section of our antics and what-nots there to amuse yourself.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In any case, being a peranakan means I don’t have to consume food that puts the dining table to test on its weight bearing abilities this time of the year. We’re generally happy with a few key dishes from New Year’s Eve and by that I mean, “MUST HAVES” such as:

  1. babi asam (tamarind chili pork),
  2. kari kay (chicken curry),
  3. itek tim (preserved salted vegetable duck soup),
  4. bendi sambal belacan (blanche lady’s fingers topped with chili and shrimps paste)  …

The pong teh (chicken/ pork stewed with bean paste) has long been dropped – I don’t like it – simple as that. For my mother’s sanity itek/ ayam seuh (deep fried stewed duck/ chicken in ground coriander sauce) has been omitted a few years back due to the laborious preparation.

And for Chinese New Year – you’re going to like this – all we had was nasi ulam (boiled rice with freshly diced vegetables, herbs and some finely grounded fried salted fish and dried shrimps) for lunch – which augurs well, having spend the whole morning at Nilai Memorial Park with Mr.B.

So, anyways, I decided that I will spend my 3 days break getting ink + glue on my fingers … and well, I do need to fulfill some overdue photo selection that is meant to be published into postcards and I did promise to make mom a photo book on her quest/ journey to bake the perfect Sourdough/ Artisan Bread… plus, some dreadful work related stuff that I vow not to look at till the night before!

The project (Projekt Foto-Painting) in mind is to incorporate some tribal photos I had taken in Ethiopia with “mixed media” type techniques to create a “painting” … but the key thing is everything has to be acrylic. No photo. No paper. No other foreign matter than will disintegrate some century later … and where the entire painting can be removed from the substrate should it requires refurbishment/ restoration in future.


Not that my work is a Picasso, Rembrandt or what not in the making, but you know… if you’re going to be spending the time and the investments in professional art materials … do it right!

p{Haque} Projekt 1

L to R Clockwise: (1) some carbon prints of the shortlisted photos – though I am thinking I should go with full-coloured carbon prints now, (2) palette knife with Golden Artist Colour Soft Gel (Matte), (3) 12″x12″ 380 gm/m square primed medium grain cotton artist canvas – will be applying a layer or two of Golden Artist Colour Gesso, (4) generic plastic sheeting – I’ve used an old clear folder for me to create the “skin” on 

p{Haque} Acrylic Skins

L to R anti-lockwise: (1) arrrgghhh!!!! discovery that my tub of Golden Artist Colour Soft Gel (Matte) has mostly turned crusty and rubbery at the sides – thanks to Crop.Arty utilisation at over the years where when the “it’s not yours syndrome” happens – people just don’t care or value things that belongs to others or cost them nothing!, (2) I decided to experiment by adding Golden Artist Fluid Matte Medium into the work-in-progress “skin” to try to extend the Soft Gel (Matte), (3) testing the “skin” with a window pane test – the Fluid Matte Medium may have done the trick … “skin” will take another few hours to be dry, but I won’t be working on it till later – some GAC 200 would have been ideal to speed-en and stiffen it a little, but I guess some professional artist have bought the stash – can’t find any to use. 

This is Part 1 … fingers crossed the eventual end product will emerged as I have envisaged. But with art, mixed media and painting, one has to be ‘open’ to ‘accidents’. Sometimes those are really the best!



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