updates on recommendation and another recommendation

Being mad I guess has its upsides.

And had it not been some people with idle time in their hands to defame me, I would not have combed through 2 years worth of my Facebook status updates looking for evidence!

{of course there was none. IDIOT. there, I said it with no future remorse… IDIOT}

OK. Evidently I am still mad.

Evidently I need to learn to forgive and forget – maybe – I haven’t decided if that’s necessarily a developmental area I want to work on.

So… anyways, as a result of my ‘combing’ I stumbled across the link to the website Fortydaysofdating.com I had recommended earlier as being in the “mmmm… interesting” category.

For those who aren’t privy to it earlier, it’s a website chronicling the dating journey of two friends who have known one another for 4 years who happened to be single at the same time and decided to take on a 40-day dating challenge with one another.

Since, I know lots of people hates spoilers, I’ll let you discover the ending yourself … I just have one comment to make and no, you do not need to shut your eyes – I can’t believe they have an online shop as a result of this experimentation. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to dish out USD35 for the posters they illustrate over the 40 days – yes, they are designers.


Another “mmmm… interesting” category or to be fair “wow! damn good” category is Dispatch Wizard by Wael Abdelgawad. It’s creative writing on being Muslims set in San Francisco. 



As Wael says:

This story can be read on its own, but is more properly read as a sequel to “The Deal” and “Kill the Courier”. If you have not read those stories yet, please do so. See the Story Index for a chronological guide to all the stories.


Do check it out.

I’m tempted to read The Deal, Kill the Courier … but my bed calls…





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