i said typewriter. not kindle … but what the hey!

H yanks out his mobile and says “oh, better key-in your birthday”

I eyed him suspiciously, undecided if I was offended that he will forget had it not been the aid of technology.

“What?!? Men are not genetically programmed to remember things like that.”

Pfff… I thought under my breath.

Sensing he was in trouble he added quickly, “I know I’m going to fumble and fail. So tell me what you’d like for your birthday.”

I gave it some thought. Well, I could come up with a list.

But truth is birthdays are never a big deal with me. I mean, I spent my second chance at being 18 years again with a cat I detest and speaking of which, it’s Kelly-the-Cat’s “mom” birthday today. Had it not been the whatsapps with the boy’s reminder, I would have forgotten about it! Well, I can’t be blamed if the oldies aren’t on Facebook with the oh-so-convenient birthday reminders app… and yeah, who am I to be offended with H’s not-so-often sensibility of scheduling my birthday into his calendar?

So while I was mulling about it  (which honestly I didn’t need to coz a few days back while waiting for the hair conditioner to set-in, I had thought of what I wanted H to get me – muahahahahaha …), H added, “Oh I know. I’ll get you a painting.”

Wait-a-minute! My breath hitches. What if I hate it?!??? So I responded, “Nope. Unless it’s a Banksy.”

“Sorry sweets. Banksy’s out of my reach.” Oh well. You are forgiven. Banksy is out of 99.99999% of mere mortal’s reach.

I finally said, “I want a typewriter.”

“A typewriter?”, was the respond with an arched eye brow before H launched into a speech – which is a rarity – on the limitations of a typewriter.

It was cute. I had to put my index finger on his lips to stop him before dramatically announcing, “B…bb…but Ernest Hemingway has a typewriter!” which if anything encouraged him to go on about how Earnest Hemingway, had he continued to live on to be 115 years old this year would have whipped out his iPad to type his manuscript.

But really, it wasn’t about the mechanical machinery that bothered H. Rather, “you do know I won’t know where to get a typewriter right?”


But I did know where to get one. And I do know who he could get in touch with to get me one.

But I couldn’t bring myself to say that I wanted a cutesy pink, sea-foam green or fire engine red vintage typewriter coz it adorable. That would have been way too girlish. Images of me getting a gawd awful black-grey plastic-ky one flashes in front of me … eweeeeee …. yuk! NO!

“OK. You know what? I’ll get you a Kindle.” {pause}“And you can have access to my credit card to buy all the e-books you want anytime.”

hmmm… that’s a great proposition. I’ve always wanted a Kindle, but have to really jump through some hoops and rings just to buy e-Books with a Malaysian credit card. So I thought about it for a while … not quite the gift I wanted … but before I could respond, H said, “We’ll hunt a typewriter in the flea market in France … or something … later. And you’re right. It’s your wish. If it’s a white elephant, it’s your HAPPY white elephant.”


So though I couldn’t say I wanted a typewriter to journal the bits and pieces of notations I make into my travel journal coz I can’t bare the sight of my own handwriting … something that H wouldn’t be able to wrap around his brain coz he’s way too factual to get things where logarithm is not involved … H fulfills his personal need to get me something he can’t possibly fail in getting and/or something where there will be a use. And I get to hold on to the hope that I’ll eventually get a Remington, Olympia, Olivetti, or Royal typewriter! … and another trip to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen Market.

If you must really know how our brains work:

H is a person who would say, “that’s actually a cosine graph, “ … seriously WT{blip}

… but equally eye-balls rolling ridiculous, I am a person who says, “the teal coloured column on the right table …”




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