run ins with the traffic police

It’s been a pretty shite week.

First, I was stopped by traffic police by allegedly speaking on my mobile while driving.

Well, I was. But it was placed on speaker mode.

And no, I didn’t hold up the device to speak into the speaker, as he had said I was, but rather to plug in the car charger. Nonetheless, arguing about the details is just a waste of time.

Besides, I do speak on my mobile and speak into the speaker a lot in my current job while driving.

What can I do? I’m on the road so much, and if I’m not at a physical client place, I’m on some teleconferencing … so, technically, whilst the traffic police may have been wrong on the finer aspects of technicality here, I was not about to argue and defend as on the whole, I am generally guilty of the said offense.

That didn’t stop there. A few hours later, I got a call from my mom in a slightly hysterical manner saying there’s a traffic summon in the letter box. This was followed by a phone call from my sister in a gleefully mocking mode – she who drives like a daredevil and a road bully somehow gets away with it all the time!

I spent the next few days being a bit wary of the guys hiding under flyovers, bridges, bushes with a speed gun or a summons book. This of course is a it though, especially when it comes to speed guns.

See, I live and commute in Kuala Lumpur.

We generally crawl in traffic from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., with the ‘caterpillar’ formation resuming between 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Speed limits are really irrelevant – you’d be pleased if you hit 40km/hr. With this being the case, wouldn’t you think that driving at >80km/hr on the same stretches of highway leading into the city between the peak hours will be permissible?

Apparently NOT!

No concession here. Frankly, it’s almost impossible to keep to 70-80km/hr. I mean seriously, who drives at 70km/hr? besides the demented with sight and reflects challenges, which nonetheless should not be behind the wheels! It irks me to no ends to get summons of 92km/hr in a 70km/hr zone. I’d gladly pay if I’m clamming the gas pedal at 130km/hr and above. But 92km/hr?

Given that this “issue” is not going to be resolved my choices are simple:

…….. ONE  Quit for a desk bound job

…….. TWO Charge/ claim excess mileage in lieu of traffic offences summons

Well, both are easier said that done. Not even going into the morale issue of TWO, let’s just say, I was shocked and pissed to learn I have 5 speeding tickets in a 70-80km/hr zone over the last 6 months – now, that’s impossible to make false mileage claims even if I had wanted to.

Bah! And yet again, I pay more towards the development of this country… paying obscene amount of taxes yearly just doesn’t seem adequate.



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