Cuckoo gone cuckoo (again)

Two to twelve.
That means I have to sit at my stairs landing, on a bean bag, for another 6 minutes or so. My cuckoo clock does not chime right at the hour. It has a 3 to 5 minutes delay.

It’s gone cuckoo again.
Not the way that it is late by 3 to 5 minutes.
It chimes… at times. It doesn’t at others.
When it decides, it may chime partially; like you get four cuckoos instead of 6 as dictated by the hour.

It bothers me. It’s a genuine Robert Lötscher Ltd cuckoo clock that has travelled five countries, two continents with me for 3 weeks before it made its way on my wall.

Well, one shouldn’t be upset, I guess.
Well, that’s what Val – my sister – had to say when I lamented about cuckoo being cuckoo.

Perhaps my timing was wrong. Val is in the midst of project managing her new home. To most suppliers she is the “architesh”. In her eureka moment she had decided to use her architect’s contacts for better discounts. In her not so eureka moment she was miffed when they asked her for her details and in a state of panicked she forgot how to spell architect!

Nonetheless with a sluggish economy, no one is going to seriously check if she is legit. Personally, I think she would have gotten the discounts nevertheless.

So, given the bulk of purchases and number of suppliers she deals with daily, defects are abundant at this juncture of her life. So, when I told her about cuckoo – which by all means of measure in terms of scale – the “problem” was small. Her level of empathy towards me, towards cuckoo and towards a nation was lacking;

Val: Hai! Bangla’s are the best employees you can have. Enthusiastic. Eager. Convincing. But that also means it’s a nightmare if you buy anything from them… Look at the lights I got from Tsen. Bangla. The bath from Kohl. Bangla. The ….

She trails on … she had lost me coz OMG! It was a Bangladeshi that sold me cuckoo in Lucern!

Now I know.

Don’t expect something named cuckoo to be sane.
Don’t expect anything sold with a great sales pitch to be a great purchase.


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