hello world!

I am taking baby steps.

The conversations still goes on in my head. Especially on long drives.

Now, I have conversations with ‘my baby boy’ too. Especially on long drives.

If you see someone behind huge shades wiping her cheeks while driving and contorting her face, that’s me. Having a conversation with ‘my baby boy’.

Other than that it’s the usual conversations I’ve always had with numerous people on a wide range of topics – they spring up like wild mushrooms after the rain. Mostly incoherent topics. But that’s just how it is. It makes good writing material anyways … or use to. So for now, this is a baby step …

I was last seen here, promising more activity on this blog instead:

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 11.19.37 PM

{it’s weird to see a blog within a  blog}, but that’s what it is.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Tonight, I did this … a 30 x 20 inch canvas print. 2 copies of them. One for each home.

That’s ‘my baby boy’ having a nap after a swim {hydro therapy} with his baby sister some 4-and-a-half years ago. Since his brain injury was so severe, he was not able to shut his eyelids or mouth. Without control over his torso, he is being propped up and supported in the armchair.

Bryant Poem Proof




apologies played forward: expect less activity

My entries here is going to be less frequent.
The main reason being:
I am currently struggling to wrap my head around why I had agreed and decided on writing a 2-part travelogue.
As if a travelogue is not time and soul draining enough, I said “ok” to two!
I am seriously in need of help. the sick in the head type of help
I don’t even find myself funny … heck, I can’t even spell and guarantee my grammar is correct … hence the red fonts which denotes: {p}.Haque can’t spell – please check.
So, once I have figured out how I could possibly be such an idiot in the not so distance past, I’ll have to get around writing it. Or rather finding some inspiration to write it. I am all but done with 2.25 chapters of the India Travelogue … and I’ve pretty much exhausted all the mojo I have in me. 
by {p}.Haque – All Rights Reserved – click to enlarge
The other reason is my indecisiveness on blog platform and focus! i.e. should I …
  • shut the blog down all together and focus on the Travel G-spots blog or 
  • continue {the other 1/2 of} Haque on WordPress platform or 
  • combine both blogs on a WordPress platform or
  • do I even want to do any of the above?

Lastly of course, notwithstanding the workload in the salaried job, my socialpreneur venture and the above crazy travelogue project that’s due in September 2013 … or was it November 2013, I am seriously toying with cultivating my Malaysia.na idea – more of this later … if I do ever get on with it.
Somewhere along all of these and the past few days, I’ve also been asked to help to design a logo, run some financial modeling (why do people think I like this beyond my 9to5 continues to amaze me … more so on a favour/ pro bono basis) and sew a dress!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The above post and contemplation was written while life was still as per normal with Mr. B sleeping soundly in his bed some 20 feet away from me.

As this gets published digitally on the web, my darling, my raison d’être for over 10 years has gone to join his creators. There is much adjustment for all of us behind as we come to accept a new chapter of all our lives.

The hardest words I had penned over the last couple of weeks were that of this last resting place’s plaque:

A miracle and gift. You thought us eternal unconditional love.
You will live on in our hearts.
No other words penned for the longest of time will carry as much weight, responsibility and meaning.
Likewise, it’s unlikely I’d be able (or inspired) to take any photos in a long time – having recorded his birthday, followed by farewell 9 days apart.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

@ home: hedgehog for Mr. B

I don’t get it.
I first realised this some 15 – 20 years back when I was part of a monthly 4 x 4 group. 
The older the folks, the slower they drove.
And they would cherish, salvage and continue to hold on to their old gadgets even when they have bought new spare ones as replacement of the good ol’ trusty one.
One would have thought that with limited time left, efficiency and speed would be paramount.
And one would live life to the fullest.
But… NO.
And it’s the same with mom!
Every time I set out to bake (which is infrequent these days due to time pressure and hence priorities), the good ol’ faulty Kenwood Chef makes its presence.
This is one piece of metal-plastic that even has it’s own baggage tag to boost.
It’s one of the 3 Kenwood mixers we have at home, not counting the 6 quart Kitchen Aid which is so retro … but I’ve never used once.

Seriously, you don’t get images of this model if you were to google “Kenwood Chef”.
You’ll have to add in the word vintage
It’s so old – older than me – that having such a gender bias, sexist, politically incorrect advertisement was the way to boost sales:

Well in any case, I’m not about to argue with mom.
It’s mother’s day.

That aside, I’ve long learnt to pick my fights with just about everyone, and this is one fight not worth picking.

The occasion?
Mr. B’s 10th birthday.

For some strange reasons, I’ve been assigned to bake his cake.

Good thing it’s a child’s cake – one can easily get away with quick sloppy work!
And so, arm with my two out of 177 most used Wilton ULTIMATE Decorating Set accessories and nozzle #21, I decided to ice the hedgehog cake with whipped cream rather than butter icing since:

  • I dread butter icing – it’s fattening and sweet
  • I have never made butter icing before and was not about to experiment with it 

Being a hedgehog, neatness and precision is really not a criteria at all …

… but there’s really good reason why decorated cakes are typically done with butter icing, royal icing and sugar paste or marzipan. Whipped cream melts, slides and refuses to hold any shape!
And thus, the above had to be accomplished in a speedy gonzales manner, and off goes Mr. Hedgehog into the refrigerator for chilling.
Oh well, Val can’t fault me for not using my Christmas gift.
And despite her missing the dateline for our Wilton Basic cake decorating course, I did make a kids birthday cake.
Psst … the hedgehog is not one of the “orders” place by Val earlier {read: HERE}