updates on recommendation and another recommendation

Being mad I guess has its upsides.

And had it not been some people with idle time in their hands to defame me, I would not have combed through 2 years worth of my Facebook status updates looking for evidence!

{of course there was none. IDIOT. there, I said it with no future remorse… IDIOT}

OK. Evidently I am still mad.

Evidently I need to learn to forgive and forget – maybe – I haven’t decided if that’s necessarily a developmental area I want to work on.

So… anyways, as a result of my ‘combing’ I stumbled across the link to the website Fortydaysofdating.com I had recommended earlier as being in the “mmmm… interesting” category.

For those who aren’t privy to it earlier, it’s a website chronicling the dating journey of two friends who have known one another for 4 years who happened to be single at the same time and decided to take on a 40-day dating challenge with one another.

Since, I know lots of people hates spoilers, I’ll let you discover the ending yourself … I just have one comment to make and no, you do not need to shut your eyes – I can’t believe they have an online shop as a result of this experimentation. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to dish out USD35 for the posters they illustrate over the 40 days – yes, they are designers.


Another “mmmm… interesting” category or to be fair “wow! damn good” category is Dispatch Wizard by Wael Abdelgawad. It’s creative writing on being Muslims set in San Francisco. 



As Wael says:

This story can be read on its own, but is more properly read as a sequel to “The Deal” and “Kill the Courier”. If you have not read those stories yet, please do so. See the Story Index for a chronological guide to all the stories.


Do check it out.

I’m tempted to read The Deal, Kill the Courier … but my bed calls…





Be Grateful. do GOOD

There are many things that make us human.

Compassion, grace, love.

The ability to forgive.

Another I hadn’t really given much thought to, until I read this article, is gratitude.

As the author says, Thanksgiving in America lends itself to taking stock of the good in our lives. Other countries and cultures reflect at different times of the year – whether that’s Christmas or New Year.

The point is, ultimately gratitude is a powerful force for good. It’s how friendships are maintained and love blossoms, because gratitude is an act of selflessness. It’s an emotion we then feel compelled to pay forward and society at large benefits.

I was struck by the simplicity of this notion, but also the complexity of how gratitude, or a lack thereof, is reflected in modern society.

We live in a screen age where everyone is constantly on the go. I am often on the go. I fill every moment … sometimes in my moment of information overload, I wished out loud for micro-boredom.

Gratitude is often an after-thought, if a thought at all.

For a lot of people, the stronger emotion is a sense of entitlement. That someone else must help them because they’re so busy.

Others see good deeds imparted on them as a burden, favors they are now obligated to pay back.

I am no different from you (those referred to above).

But if we all just took a moment to slow down and recognize what we’re grateful for and who we’re grateful too, we can understand that being grateful is integral to the fabric of our society.

It keeps us in tune with each other.

It makes us better people and the world a kinder place.

It’s a good start for 2014.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

{though being 1000% honest, I naturally gravitate towards the comic below}



1:44 am … Mr.B defied the docs for a decade and other defiance

I should so be sleeping.
My eyelids are threatening to defy me.
Somehow today is a day of defiance.
Or should I say yesterday – 11th May.
First, it took loads of self control not to drive to Leland’s birth place.
They were throwing prices of the pre-registered vehicles.
Evoque was going for just above 320K.
The real deals – Range Rover and Range Rover Sports were at a mere 400-ish to 420-ish.
OK, it’s not really MERE-ly, but you get the drift and the deal if you’re a hardcore fan accustomed to the price tag.
My head automatically does the maths.
With a trade in, current financing (hence cash flow management) the top up for the RR label is just 100K.
But the thing is I don’t really fancy an Evoque.
Sure, it blows your mind when you test drive it, and I like the fact that it responses to touch … ooooohhhh … sensual!
But it’s still really a wannabe.
An entry level thing-y which defies the entire logic of the RR heritage -> that bothers me a lot!
And it’s smaller than my current Leland – doesn’t make any sense trading in, more so when Leland has a long way more to go. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
10 years (short of 9 minutes now (@1.51 AM)) Mr. B threatened to enter the world.
As he made his demands, some rather peculiar occurrences happened; amongst them includes the sudden blackout, the mechanically jammed gate, the coincidence of another untimely birth … 
He finally made it.

I was still fast asleep; video-graphy abandoned. Evidence that could/ would have been really useful in his medical negligence trial … but that was how it was to be.

And again, he finally made it through the court proceedings, coming out tops!

Every medically sound specialist had written him off; some within just a few hours of his existence, most a few days after.

A few weeks, a couple of years was the best estimate.
Which prompted the start of our online store and involvement in providing child care advise to others.
A good half of those bogus blokes who self profess to be the next closest thing to God had written him off. A handful views him as taboo. Others embraced him as their own; albeit a “fallen angel”! an outcast, but one who was once revered and they continue to hold him in such esteem. 
Today he has defied everyone for a wholesome decade … going head on with a steady pace, confronting all obstacles bravely.
Inspired by his hair (thanks to his bed ridden state) and his perseverance, I baked him a hedgehog cake – dodged determination, never losing sight.

The cake is done.
The icing will be in 6 or 8 hours time.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
After the second failure of planning for a TranSiberia trip (the first being my age as a deterrent), and me having massive second thoughts about photographing under the tutelage of Maggie Steber in a few weeks time, I thought I should be planning for another trip.
I said, “Tibet {and possibly the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea}”
He said, “Nepal – the Annapurna trek”   
I replied, “I will die. {pause} oh no, wait! You will die too!”
He smiled and said, “Oh well, if my janoo doesn’t want to trek, we can always just hang around Kathmandu …”

hmmmm … hang around Kathmandu … b..bb…b…B…But … there’s nothing there!

And so I went ahead with Tibet.
Contacting Chris (the bloke that was pulling together a customised {but ended up not so customised} TranSiberia Trip, though we ended up having a few things in common to strike a friendship), and another travel agent, I got the wheels going for Tibet … with mom.

And she said, “Can we go somewhere else other than Tibet? There’s nothing there!”
Oh gawd people!
Tibet I have to go!
I missed Jordan with my last attempt.
He had gone ahead without me.

I was stranded in goddamn Shanghai the last time.
It was far from fun! with nothing to procure from the apparently reputed Shanghai Museum – this would be the first time ever I had nothing to buy from a Museum gift shop. I love every museum gift shop … until I visited Shanghai Museum … and the curse have remained like VD which refuses to let up!
Anyways it’s the Qinghai Tibetan train that I wanna do. Potala Palace is a good way to end since Lhasa is the end of the track.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
Time to sleep – 2:17 AM!